It Is Useless to Resist...

With my husband home, I have not had time to look at other swoon-worthy men, but I have to tell you... Dominic Cooper just keeps knocking on my door.



I mean, look at him. Hello! How can you NOT swoon over this Brit?


You may know him from films like Mama Mia, or History Boys, but I highly recommend you go out and get the BBC version of Sense and Sensibility where Coop here plays the charismatic Willoughby. Swoon, swoon, swoon.


It is not time or opportunity that is to determine intimacy;-- it is disposition alone. Seven years would be insufficient to make some people acquainted with each other, and seven days are more than enough for others.
Ahhh, young love.

She felt the loss of Willoughby's character yet more heavily than she had felt the loss of his heart . . .
Oh Willoughby, I feel so sorry for you. *Sigh*
I think I may just have to add all of Jane Austen's men to my swoon worthy list for the simple fact that she writes them so brilliantly. I love you Jane Austen... truly I do.


Dymphna said...

No thanks. He looks like a girl.

june cleaver said...

A GIRL? I don't see it... I only see romance.

Kasia said...

I don't see it either, but hey, you had the courtesy not to question my swooning over Andrew Younghusband... ;-)

Urban Mom said...

Hi June, just wanted to say hi and YES, you have taught me all that I know! I have been waiting patiently for Twilight to come into the library -- they have a gazillion copies, but NONE of them are on the shelf anywhere in the city! And taking two little ones into the bookstore often involves retreiving kids' books from the floor, etc. So FINALLY, I have met Edward in Biology class. My world has changed forever, I just know it. Swoon! (and i've already put the DVD on my Netflix list and the second book on request at the library)
Yours in Swooning,
Urban Mom

TRO said...

Yes, nothing says romance like water dripping off a man, err, boy? - LOL

I used to feel a tad guilty about checking out young chicks (young being a relative word at my age where 30 is young), but no more.

If Joan and her readers can rob those cradles so can I.

june cleaver said...

Er, Dominic Cooper is 30 years old. That is just 6 years younger than me. Way beyond the realm of illegal.

june cleaver said...

and who the hell is Joan?

TRO said...

Oops, June. Joan is my imaginary friend. A woman who doesn't complain. In other words, a complete and total fantasy. (rim shot)

I was talking about the Twilight guy, but any guy named Dominic is suspect, beautiful.

Anonymous said...

He is so much more GIRLY than George Stephanopolous!!!! Speak June.

june cleaver said...

George Snufalupagus? Are you kidding me? Oh... I just can't take it! Has none of my good taste rubbed off on you all with all of my hours of searching out the most swoon worthy men to bring into your lives purely for appreciation and educational reasons?

Where have I failed?

Now I am depressed.

GEORGE SNUFALUPAGUS? Annon... you better put a name to your comment when you throw it down like that.



june cleaver said...

the Twilight guys name is "Edward" or Robert... really TRO, you need to get your facts straight.

and he is 23. Perfectly legal.

TRO said...

I didn't mention the Twilight guy's name. Although I can see how you might have thought so. I meant Dominic in your post.

Yep, 23 is perfectly legal. But first it's 23 then it's 18, then 17 and pretty soon you are texting middle-school basketball players.

I've seen it a million times . . .

(wink back at ya, beautiful)

Janeabelle said...

Okay, this kid is smoldering, but I like my meat seasoned... if you know what I mean. *wink*

Mr_Magoo said...

So this is where Wankette, Stephanie and the rest of the gals go to get their Swoon Worthy fix!

At Dirty Harry's Place, all the guys couldn't wait for Harry's (almost) daily Hubba Hubba threads.

Personally, I think he looks just a little too creepy in the water-dripping pick. And where are his pecks? Does he even have any? He needs to get to the workout room. Then - and only then - will he be swoon worthy!

aka Traffic Cop Timmy

june cleaver said...

Why is it that men always critique my swoon worthy picks?

Traffic Cop Timmy, I will tell you what I told Rufus... you may not like who I have on here, but I don't see your pic anywhere.

So until you cough it up, you are not allowed to talk about Dominic Cooper's pecks.


Mathilda-Anne said...

I found your blog googling for pictures of Dominic Cooper. And now I think I'll stay for the beer. Cheers Chickie, my man leaves for Afghanistan the third time in November.