Coming Out To See The Light of Day...

Still here... still thinking about you-well, sort of. Still have not decided who I will feature on Monday, so if you want to get in on the act don't hesitate to toss your hat in... and your two cents.

I'll give you a topic:

Thigh high pantyhose... sexy? or another way to make you look horrible with the fat that bulges out over the top?


June Cleaver, wanton sex goddess with a very bad man between my thighs. *wink*



Mimi said...

That is quite a glow on your face, Cris! We're not gonna have another little Cleaver are we?

Darcy said...

You look quite happy having your Man home! Enjoy! :)

CatholicAudio said...

I believe the fat overflow is properly termed a "muffin top." In normal parlance, it typically refers to the fleshy lopping over resulting from a too-tight garment on a comfortably sized waistline, but I see no reason it couldn't apply here.

Oh, and if it's a problem, go for the full length, for added allure, the garter belt with not-so-tight hose.

God Bless,

TRO said...

I'm gonna be nice and skip the fantastic joke I thought of. Glad you two are having fun.

Owens Family Adventures said...

Totally go for the thigh high hose with the matching garters. You only live one girlfriend! He will be so enticed by the possibilities that any overflow will be overlooked and forgotten immediately. Not that I would know anything about that...heeheehee
viva la' furlow lovin!!!!

Katy said...

Thigh highs are totally HOT!!! At least my man always thinks so ;)

Kasia said...

June, I think you could have a freakin' beach-umbrella top (as opposed to a muffin top) and Ward just plain WOULD. NOT. CARE.

Have fun!!!


Mary Poppins NOT said...

Ahh... You look truly, truly happy!

Very good to see. Enjoy!

warren said...

A guy chiming in here...I LOVE thigh highs...well, not on me but on my wifey! In general, I think muffin top is fine...so long as it isn't the whole bread truck!

La Ella said...


Your husband is just too handsome and you are just too beautiful!! A perfect couple of Americans.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the picture of you and Carl...so happy together!
Aunt Barbara

momto5minnies said...

Carl looks tired in that photo. You're not working him too hard are you ;)

You look GREAT in that photo. How is it that you don't have dark circles or any wrinkles???? I need another secret ...

june cleaver said...

ahhh, thanks all for the compliments on the photo, but it is not us... it is just the one that came with the blog.


oh, and Elaine, the secret to no wrinkles and no dark circles? Photoshop baby.

Anonymous said...

You and Carl look so good, glad he is home. They are having a birthday party for me in Washington, but I didn't get a ticket so I guess I will watch at home on TV, When I was 10years old, my Mom let me stay up and watch President Ike at his party. I hope the spelling is OK since I had cateract surgery on Tues. and I am doing this with one eye. Would you give info on blog on how to clean a toilet?????
Love you much.
Aunt Judi

Soliloquy said...

YOU?! Are my freakin' HERO, woman!