Give Away... Give Away... Give Away...

I love music... I mean, I really really love music. I am sad that I do not have music on this blog right now but I think the site that I was getting my music from gave me that nasty virus that made mucus come out of the all USB ports on my beloved laptop so I just erased it. I have been browsing around to find a new site to put music back on here and I think I found one. I have a date with it tonight and if I come away without any warts on my keyboard I will once again put music back on for your listening enjoyment. If you read this at work, your boss will love me. I have been planning a comeback tour since I deleted the last music selection.

Anyway, I have a love affair with music and therefore I love my iPod, and I am addicted to iTunes (just ask the little man in my laptop that balances my checkbook for me).

You may be surprised to find out that although I enjoy technology, I am technology challenged. I am like a Kindergartner when it comes to technology so I have to stay at a pace that I understand.

My iPod for instance is not a fancy-shmancy, watch movies, download State secrets or find a cure for cancer, type of iPod. It is just a little shuffle. Yep... that is all I need. I turn it on and it plays my music. I clip it to my belt loop and off I go dancing while I vacuum and scrub toilets. I am listening to it right now... Best I Ever Had by Vertical Horizon. Nice.

The only problem I have with my shuffle is that I cannot hook it up to anything that will successfully play in my van so I download music from iTunes and then I burn CDs to play in my van so although I have all of my favorite tunes on my little shuffle, I still have 4,574 CDs scattered throughout my van which drives my husband crazy because he is the ying to my yang and my yang really irritates his ying sometimes. But that is why he loves me... I have some crazy yang going on. Which reminds me of a song that I'll have to remember to burn tonight so I can listen to it in the van and think about my husband's ying.

Burning CDs also poses a problem for the little ears that I tote around town 23 hours out of the day. Not all of the music on my little shuffle is kid friendly (I can't help that Nickelback sings some songs that make my cheeks burn the color of crimson) so I have to color code my CDs that I burn. If you are ever in my van with me and I pull out a red CD, prepare your ears for some great music that may make you say "Phew, it is hot in here?" but if I put in a blue CD you should be Okay... and I only play the green ones when my parents are in town. Kids music is on pink CDs which sometimes get confused with the red CD and then my 14 year old looks at me and says "Mother! I can't believe you are listening to this!" and I ground myself to my bedroom for the rest of the day.

But my birthday is coming up so I think I may just have to move into first grade and update my iPod to something a little more van-friendly. Any suggestions? I don't want anything that I will have to be pushing buttons forever on and I don't want to download music videos or porn, I just want to listen to my music man. Just the tunes.

Music is my life. Without it I wouldn't have inspiration... it is my muse.

If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music. Albert Einstein

So... shall we have a contest? Let me know what your favorite song of all time is and I will try my hardest to get it on this site. I will also pull out the Internet Random Generator thingy from the closet next to my fondue set and your comment may be chosen for a $20 iTunes card.

What a great giveaway don't you think?

You have until Sunday morning to fill me in on your music must-haves.

Good luck!


Becca said...

'Into the Mystic' by Van Morrison. Mellow & shexy!!

Alan said...

"Several Species of Small Furry Animals Grooving Together in a Cave with a Pict" by the Pink Floyd.

Mimi said...

Just Like Heaven, by The Cure. A perfect lovesong.

Carrie said...

There is this thingy called an iTrip. It plugs into your iPod (don't know if it works for a Shuffle tho) and you can get it to broadcast thru your car radio. FM transmitter thingy. So if you get a new iPod make sure it works with the iTrip. GL!

Oh, fave song is Elton John's "Your Song"

Rebecca said...

I like a variety of music but one song that I've always loved & always will is Bon Jovi's "Livin' On A Prayer". I have a funky passion for 80's music and this song never lets me down. =]

Jud said...

This may sound odd, and be unfamiliar to you and your vast throngs of loyal readers, but "Rosalie's Good Eats Cafe" by Bobby Bare is about my favorite song. It is a condensed version of a Shel Silverstein poem.

Melissa said...

"No Rain" by Blind Melon. I love, love, love this song!

Kayla said...

"Stay" by Jackson Browne. Not really a running song, but for me it is :)


lolaberly said...

First of all, I've been lurking and decided to finally comment. When you said "...he is the ying to my yang and my yang really irritates his ying sometimes. But that is why he loves me... I have some crazy yang going on" it so describes my husband and I as well. Love it.

The color coded CDs just about made me pee my pants with hysterics.

You should look into just getting a simple iPod and then drag and drop songs into playlists, guaranteeing that the kids won't ever end up hearing what's on the it's getting hot in here playlist! :)

As for favorite song of late, I would have to go with "Speechless" by the Veronicas.

Jenny said...

Obviously the very best song on earth is... (drumroll)...
"Crash Into Me" by Dave Matthews

Janeabelle said...

"Grey Blue Eyes" by Dave Matthews (Some Devil album). It's so chill and I imagine the grey blue eyes are his baby's. Probably not, though.

Anyway, my husband bought me an iPod Touch. It's like an iPhone, but minus the phone. It took me some time to figure out, but I love it because I can put music and pictures on it. I'm not the type of mom to carry a photo album, so I never had any recent pics of my kids to show off until I got that. It has a calendar and a calculator and you can upload games to it for free. I really like the notes feature because I can quick jot down blog thoughts or stuff the kids say when we're out that I don't want to forget. They're a little pricey, but definitely worth it.

midwestmom3 said...

Faithfully by Journey.
Still so stuck in the 80's I guess

Kelly said...

John Mayer's take on Free Fallin'...Sooo good! I like Tom Petty's version too of course, but Mayer's is my fav! Definitely most played on my iPod.

Out on a Limb said...

The single best.song.ever is Sweet Child O Mine- Guns and Roses.

And let me tell you my iPod story. I opened up an iPod Nano on Christmas Eve from my brother (who has had a very bad year and we have bailed him out several times (once in the literal sense)). So I thought, "wow, he's thanking me for all my support during this rough year. We're crossing a bridge." But when I couldn't get it to load on my computer I Googled the serial # and found out its a Chinese fake. As in...NOT A REAL iPOD but in the iPod shell. All was ok though, it still would hold songs, but alas, the thing won't charge anymore. And so, my iPod dreams are crushed.

All that being said, my hubby won an iPod at work (a real one this time) and he could use that card. He's my ying too.

Thanks for the contest, June!

Stupid Fat Hobbit said...

I can only do this by category, only way, sorry...
Christian - Go Light Your World by Chris Rice
Country - Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground by Willie Nelson
Rock - Carry On Our Wayward Son by Kansas (though Boat On A River by Styx could be argued)
Easy Listening - Angel by Sarah McLachlan

Best Song Ever Recorded - (possibly) Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley

As for the iPod, we have one of every style except the iPod Touch, our favorite is the 3rd Generation Nano but you might have trouble finding one anywhere but online. It has a great size, will play video (or show pictures) and is extremely convenient to use. You will need some sort of adapter to play any iPod in your van so just make sure you're happy with what you get. Lastly, though you say you love it for the music, I have many audio books on my iPod including the Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, the Chronicles of Narnia, and all of the Harry Potter series. I love listening to books especially on long trips when you can listen for long periods of time.

Joannie said...

I've been a lurker for awhile, since I found your blog on the sidebar of one of my friend's blogs. But I had to come out of lurking to comment on this post.

I tend to like bands that no one has heard of... My favorite band is Carbon Leaf, and my favorite song is "Let Your Troubles Roll By" -- although "What about Everything?" is a close second.

(I too loved your color-coded CDs! Hahahaha!)

quitecontrary1977 said...

I'm in the Sea lennon Cult right now. "dead meat" is a fab song! If you are a sing-a-long kind of gal, you'll love his stuff!~


Alicia said...

I, too, am addicted to my iPod. I LOVE music!!!!

By the way, I just gave you the Honest Scrap award! Go grab it!!!!

Christine said...

Aerosmith...Dream On!

Musings of the Mrs. said...

I must have Garth Brooks (because it is the best concert I've been to) and I must have The Verve because they remind me of a time I was very depressed, and thus, make me count my blessings every day that I'm no longer there.

CJ said...

I also LOVE music and I have many tastes...What I chose usually reflects my mood at that given time. My music ranges from Aerosmith to George Winston to Led Zeppelin and...
Paul Thorn, A Woman to Love
John Hiatt, Feels Like Rain

I have an iPod..it's great for working out. My hubby gave me an ipod dock, CD, radio combo for Christmas. It's great to have in the kitchen:)

CJ said...

Oh yeah, I have a birthday coming up too.

Coffee Slut said...

Van Morrison - Moondance

lah_406 said...

Oh my.....categories are needed.
These are all worthy of the 99 cent iTunes download charge.

Alternate - Fix You - Cold Play
Country - Feels So Right - Alabama
R&B - The First Time Ever I Saw Your face - Roberta Flack
Soft Rock - Lovin'. Touchin', Squeezin' - Journey
Rock - Love Hurts - Nazareth
Old School - Moon River - Andy Williams (don't you judge me!)

Best Song ever ------ I Want To know What Love Is - Foreigner (Wynonna's version is pretty incredible too)

Honorable Mention - Soulshine - Warren Haynes (from the Allman Brothers Band)

Praying that the next 7 months fly by quickly for your family.

Anonymous said...

Running to a Stand Still by U2. Actually pretty much any song by U2. I love all their Biblical references.

I have similar issues as you. I'm a closet Nine Inch Nails lover and it's waaaaaay inappropriate for little ears. It should be more motivation for the treadmill (but it's not!)

mandi said...

I have just a regular ipod, not the shuffle, but the big one. It CAN download movies and pictures, but that don't mean you have to! I just have music on mine, can play it in my car (via a thing plugged into my ciggarette lighter), plus I have a radio it plugs into at work.
I love my ipod, can't belive I lived so long without it.

Jessie said...

Hey Cris,
Before you upgrade your ipod let me ask my husband how he has his hooked up in his truck. He is a stereo geek though. He also has a shuffle and somehow has it so it plays through either the dvd player or stereo, that part I am not sure. I will ask him this weekend and let you know what he says.

Denn Mom said...

My all-time favorite song is "West End Girls" by Pet Shop Boys. I don't know why, I guess I just love that 80s groove. No need to enter me in the contest.. neither I nor my husband has an Ipod (probably why I'm still stuck in the 80s)... I just felt the need to share my all-time favorite song ever in the wide whole world.

Nicole said...

"Bubbly" by Colbie Caillat is what's been playing in my head over the last few days..makes me think of Mmmm..(nickname for Husband;)

The Wannabe Redhead said...

"God Blessed the Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts is my pic for favorite song. There are so many! I'll be sure & let you know more of my picks as they pop into my head!
Hope you're doing okay, JUNE!

lvschant said...

three of my faves have been out awhile...

HEM Half acre (Rabbit Songs album)
Jennifer Warnes The Hunter and Lights of Louisianne (The Hunter album)

My pop music familiarity has become so woefully behind the times, though. Since I got involved in Sacred Music, I mostly listen to Gregorian chant and polyphony now :)

Rufus T. Firefly said...


I don't want to be in the contest, so I won't suggest a song, but the tip someone made above about the fm transmitter for your shuffle is a good one. Also, if your van has a tape deck you can buy a very cheap adaptor that plugs your shuffle into a dummy tape that will allow you to play your music through the van's speakers.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Oh, one other thing; I am the cheapest person in the world when it comes to spending money on myself but I love music and I splurged and bought an XM radio subscription. Satellite radio is awesome! My new favorite station is Underground Garage. There must be over 70 or more commercial free music stations; jazz, latin, blues, classical, rock, indie rock, college indie rock, grunge, new wave, album rock... And tons of talk radio and sports radio. Their kids station is great! I am the last person in the world to shell out $12 a month for anything personal that isn't an absolute necessity, but I have not regretted this decision for a second.

Anonymous said...

Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
Jack Johnson - Banana Pancakes

and just for today:
Jack Johnson - If I Could
Aunt Barbara

Wankette said...

Very, very easy. It's been the same for years.

"I Can See Clearly Now", Johnny Nash (although a recent cover by I-will-look-him-up is also excellent. With this source material, it's hard to fail.)

Jaibee said...

Red - "Lolli Lolli" by Three 6 Mafie, or "Right Now (Na Na Na)" by Akon

Pink - "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" by Reliant K

Blue - "I Can Love You Still" by Becca Danis; Link: http://www.mission-hope.com/index/audio

Green - "Waiting for Life to Begin" from the soundtrack to Once on This Island

mommiebear2 said...

Crap, I was going to say Into The Mystic as well by Van Morrison. Oh well, it is that good that I will just have to agree.

warren said...

I have three tops, but these are in order for me...

#1 Chattanooga Choo Choo as done by Glenn Miller.

#2 Welcome to the Jungle by G-n-R

#3 Africa by Toto

Lindsay said...

Oh my, too many favorite songs to pick just one!

Some favorites:
Eddie Vedder - Hard Sun
Radiohead - Street Spirit (Fade Out)
Tori Amos - Spark
Foo Fighters - Everlong

As far as the iPod goes, if you want to go multifunctional go with the iTouch. If my 2-year-old knows how to work one then anyone can. If you want simple go with the new Nano.

Good Luck!

Faithwalk said...

Voice of Truth by Casting Crowns
To Make you Feel my Love by Garth Brooks

Paula said...

Bret Michaels....All I Ever Needed

Susan Brown said...

The Beatles ... In My Life

sbrown926 at gmail dot com

Mr_Magoo said...

I have an Ipod Touch and I love it. It's not really that hard to learn. My sister just got one for Christmas and if she can learn, anyone can. (Sorry sis.)

I'm sure a little Internet searching will help you find what you need to connect in your van. I've been planning to do that myself but I can't seem to get off these blogs...

I like so many songs I cannot say one is my favorite. Cop out I know. It really depends on my mood.

I agree with the Playlist suggestion. I have several. I have also started adding the playlist name to a usually empty column (Grouping) so I can sort on that column and see which songs I would like to add to a playlist.

I also like the Ipod Touch because I can listen to and watch a lot of stuff on YouTube - it has a built-in YT player. You would be surprised at how much is on YT you can enjoy. (The Search option is your friend.) It's not ALL crap. This week I've been listening and watching Celtic Woman live performances. Last week I DL'd Battlestar Gallactica webisodes from Itunes (free) and watched them.

There are also free DL's at Itunes each week (usually 2) and if you like alternative music, you can find some keepers there. I have several dozen already. Finally, if you frequest Starbucks, the have weekly DL cards for free (or did last year).

Traffic Copy Timmy aka Mr_Magoo

Emily C. said...

Beginnings by Chicago!


Nicole (again) said...

Oops! The one I gave you last was my fave song at the moment, but my all time fave is by the Steve Millar Band - JUNGLE LOVE!

p.s. Don't have an ipod tho, so if you pull my name..redraw! Just wanted to share:)

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Hmm. I can't decide on a favorite song, so I will go with
"Here comes the sun" by the Beatles. We had it at our wedding and it always makes me smile.
Or, that one song by Tesla. can't remember the name, but it was "ours" when we were dating. Ahh..I must be pretty sentimental if i can't remember the name.

June's MA said...

My all time favorite song is that one we played full volume at the cottage in Ludington, Michigan with the O's. It was by the Boston Pops. Da thinks it was the 1812 Ovature. June, you remember.

june cleaver said...

Ma, I can't remember... maybe it was 1812-or Superman? I only remember Elvira on the camping trip where our Colleen met a boy down the road and Dad blew a gasket and couldn't get us home fast enough. That was a fun trip!

Reva Skie said...

Killing me softly by the Fugees. One time!

Lorren said...

So hard to pick just one but here goes...

"Marching Bands of Manhattan" by Death Cab for Cutie.

Anonymous said...

I will be-Leona Lewis
Dolphin's cry-Live
Love Story-Taylor Swift
Raining again-Staind

I love most all types of music, those are my favorites right now, with the exception of the Live song, it is my all time fav. Ah Memories.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I had a couple more

Leona Lewis-Run
Robin Trower-Bridge of Sighs
Rob Pattinson-Let Me Sign and Never Think
Britney Spears-Circus
Foo Fighters-Stranger things have happened