Is There Really Someone On The Other End Of This Computer?

Blogs... who came up with blogs? I don't know, but I am glad they did. This blog offers me an outlet for my brain. What comes out of my brain may or may not be very good, but if I kept it all bottled up inside I would walk around with a constipated look on my face and that would cause wrinkles and I make it a point to not have wrinkles (yeah, right.)

Who reads blogs? Well, my Aunt Barb reads this blog... and so does my Aunt Judi. Cousin Steve, my ma... the occasional stalker and a few other fine people. I have admitted that I do not do a lot of blog reading myself. That list on the sidebar is about all I get to a few days out of the week. Those people have become my "blog circle." Funny thing is, they probably don't even realize that they are part of a circle because I rarely comment on their blogs. If I find something funny I will usually comment for the simple fact that I like funny. I appreciate funny.

But what you may not know is that I have probably been on your blog as well. Oh yea, I am what you call a lurker. I lurk over to your blog if you leave a comment and read what you have to say... and chances are I will return, just to see how that thing with Timmy and the toilet seat worked out for you. I can't help it... I am always amazed that there may just be other people--NORMAL people--on the other side of this computer screen.

Which brings me to my point. I like the blog Threedonia for the simple fact that there are many contributors and therefore there are many opportunities for humor. The comments become a "sub-post" to the post and they are sometimes more entertaining than the original funny thought. This is where I read Wankette. She is funny, sarcastic, intelligent and irritated with the same things that I am... I think she is great.

But there is real life outside of the blogsphere and it came to my attention yesterday that a person was in need of help. A couple of weeks ago someone did something for me out of the kindness of her heart, and she simply told me to pass it on. So, when I read Wankette's story I decided to do something about it... and also to give you, my loyal, compassionate readers a chance to pass it on as well. Here is Wankette's story"

Here’s the thing: last year I injured my back in a workplace incident. It was one of those workplaces that barely-employed writers frequent in order to have things like insurance. And food. And a roof.

Ever since, I have been a worker’s comp captive, bound to my ex-employer’s insurance company, who has tried its best to make me go away, by delaying doctor appointment-approval and disability checks.

And in this manner, I have been pecked to death by ducks — or, more accurately, financially ruined while I await a settlement, which is still months off.

Rufus, Floyd & Chuck know about this, and have quite kindly allowed me to ask the readers here for any assistance they might offer. My temporary disability money stopped in August — it wasn’t much anyway — and all local assistance ran out months before that.
I’m facing imminent utility (gas, electricity, phone) turn-off, plus eviction, so my pride has suddenly become a non-factor.

As I told the boys, I want you to know, I’m not normally the kind of person who runs around expecting complete strangers to bail her out of everything (I’m a conservative, for goodness’ sake), but at this point, I’m fresh out of ideas.

So any helpful thoughts — write me at gutette@yahoo.com – would be appreciated, much more than you’ll ever know.

So, to answer my own question... yes, there is someone on the other end of that computer screen and they are in need. Wouldn't it be wonderful to really recall what Christmas is about this year? Just keep Wankette in your thoughts today and if all you can do is send up a prayer or two for her... that would be wonderful. If you have any other ideas, her email is above.

Pass It On...