Christmas Break Is Stupid...

Teachers get paid... I don't.



Ambitious Redhead said...


I know what you mean. I am ready for my kids to go back to school. But one more week. *pulls hair out*


Lisa said...

Hey - isn't this technically your "first" Christmas break since you've been homeschooling up until this year? hehehehe - what the heck happened to your darlings in the few short months they've been in Catholic school? I've only been homeschooling for a few years (ok, technically this is my SECOND year - it just feels longer) and I'm thinking about sending all of mine back to school - any school will do - after Christmas break. I love the "idea" of homeschooling and I want to do what's best for my kids, but the ones I'm homeschooling right now were adopted from the foster care system and while I love them to death - I want them GONE all day. I'll just turn the ringer off the phone and pretend I was out grocery shopping when the school calls to complain about their behavior (don't think I haven't been thinking about this A LOT). Maybe what's best for them is to have a Mom who's sane?