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Kasia said...
7) Ciaran Hinds (unconventional looking, but very handsome)
December 20, 2008 9:02 PM

Congratulations Kasia! I can't think of a better person-luck must be on your side! Hurry! Go out and buy a lottery ticket! Today a $50 gift card for a new bra... tomorrow TEN MILLION DOLLARS!!

Here is a photo of Kasia's seventh man on her "June Cleaver Swoon-Worthy Men" list:

Now I am off to download all of the photos that you all scoured the Internet for so that I can post them on Monday. It is a hard HARD job, but I am up to it... I will not sleep or eat until every last swoon-worthy man has been fully posted and drooled over.

Kasia, please email me your mailing address and the VS gift card will be out to you ASAP! :)



TRO said...

A bra that really costs $50? That thing better be holding back some major tatas for that kind of money.

Ambitious Redhead said...


Kasia said...


(I never win ANYthing!!!!)


I have already begun cruising the VS web site for ideas...wedding lingerie, here I come!!! :-)

(And Canuck is exceedingly appreciative as well...)


The Canuck said...

Big thank you's to June & June's Random Internet Generator thingy!! As Kasia said, this Canuck is exceedingly appreciative (and will be even more exceedingly appreciate after the wedding) :)

Stupid Fat Hobbit said...

I demand a recount!!! There is no way that this entry won as the most swoon-worthy candidate. No offense Kasia but this guy is ugly with a capital UG!

My wife really, really, REALLY needs new Victoria's Secret clothing...Really.

Actually, congrats Kasia, the best woman won...darn.

Kasia said...


He is unusual-looking, I grant you. When I first sat down to watch Persuasion, I thought they had cast him solely for his acting ability (which is considerable - he was a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company, and they don't mess around). But watching him as Captain Wentworth totally got me swooning, which just goes to show you: personality is the deciding factor!!! ;-)

Don't worry. When your wife gets back from Pakistan, she can wow you with what she has hidden under that burqua. I hear Saudi women in particular are known for wearing verrry naughty things under their billowy black robes...sort of each woman's little rebellion...


Stephanie said...

Ciaran Hinds is a great actor. Best Julius Caesar I ever saw when he played the character in Rome, however him beating out Gerard Butler, Christian Bale, Eddie Ciabrian, and several others..(No offense to the Leo C fans but ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Does he shave yet?)...come on man.........
Lets just say in the HBO series Rome there were two actors, Ray Stevenson and Kevin McKidd who were wayyyy more interesting...and who could forget James Purefoy? Just watch the show..you will know what I mean.

Enbrethiliel said...


My own favourite Rome actor is Tobias Menzies, who played Brutus. Everyone else I know seems to think he's ugly, but I just love him. <3

Stephanie said...

Tobias Menzies was amazing but that English Overbite is wayyy too distracting. Ray Stavenson growr and Kevin McKidd...ok I have a thing for Scotsmen.

MARE said...


Enbrethiliel said...


Then I guess I have a thing for the patricii. =P I didn't like Brutus at all until Menzies played him. He made me wish I could rewrite that bit in Inferno in which Judas, Brutus and Cassius are as low as a soul could get in hell--and not just because I find him hot.