Step Away From The Stove And Nobody Gets Hurt...

I am just so proud of myself right now. I love to cook and when I am cooking for someone who loves to eat it is all the better. My husband loves to eat and will devour just about anything I set in front of him, but sometimes he feels the need to critique it. Whatever! There is only one thing in this world that I cannot make and that is meatloaf. I don't know why I can't pull off cooking a big old lump of beef that comes out looking like a bear turd, but I cannot. I am meatloaf inept.

I am fine with this disability because I do not really care for meatloaf. My husband on the other hand loves meatloaf. He loves it so much that if I asked him what he would want for dinner, every night he would respond "meatloaf!" Yuck-anyway, the other night I went to a baby shower and when I came home he had made dinner.

I walked in the door to find the table set and a yummy smell coming from the kitchen. I walked back out of the door and went to the front of the house to check the address to make sure I was in the right house as my husband NEVER makes dinner. When I say never, I mean neva eva! I have a better chance at growing a third boob than I do of having my husband make dinner. He just doesn't do it and I am fine with that because I am just so good at making dinner.

Well, you would have thought he parted the Red Sea with this dinner because my children oohhh'd and ahhh'd all over this meatloaf of his. I cook for these ungrateful brats every stinking day of their lives and they don't say a peep-the man cooks for them and you would have thought they were going to have gold coming out of their butts. It was ridiculous.

But I got over it and went on with my daily meal planning and cooking with no oohhh's and ahhh's from the peanut gallery. But today is a different day... today my brother-in-law Ryan is going to be in town and he will be having dinner with us.

To tell you I am excited to cook for him is an understatement simply because Ryan loves to eat just about as much as me. He is married to my little sister Claire and she is a pretty good cook herself, but she does not have a family that just takes her cooking for granted yet-she still has Ryan who is a very appreciative eater.

Tonight I have made the most wonderful dinner on the face of the planet. A while back I found the blog The Pioneer Woman Cooks and I just love love love it. Well, tonight I am making beef brisket with twice baked potatoes and fresh corn bake with the most delicious chocolate sin for desert.

My kitchen is a disaster and I have glops all over my shirt but I don't care. I have made a dinner that is soooo much better than my husband's meatloaf (which by the way I thought had an awful lot of tomato paste in it... but I kept my mouth shut) that I will regain my queen status in the kitchen and my husband will think twice before he tries to outdo my cooking abilities again. I mean seriously folks, making meatloaf was a low blow...

Now, to prove once and for all that this is my kitchen and although him making dinner was nice, I would rather him stick to his other favorite meal to cook which consists to white bread, spaghetti sauce and a slice of American Cheese, I would like you all to send me your best meatloaf recipe.

It is all about the tit for tat here folks. I do not want to read one comment or email that says "Your husband was so sweet to even make dinner-how can you be so mean!" I am mean people, it is how this marriage works. I don't go to his office and start making phone calls and checking off boxes, so he needs to stay out of my work place.

*side note* although my husband is not allowed to cook, he is still allowed to do laundry, the dishes, clean toilets, scrub showers, and dust... .


Kasia said...

OK, I have meatloaf recipes at home. I'll send you some tomorrow. :-)

Michelle said...

I'll email you a good metloaf recipe later, too.

Momto5Minnies said...

I don't think you need to make meatloaf if you don't love it.
You are still the cook in your house and I am sure that your husband KNOWS this ;)

In my house I am also the kitchen queen, but occasionally my husband will step in and make something good ... like chili or guacamole. I let him do this because he gets a little joy out of being creative and making the kids happy. I know that my husband is not about to take over my role or exclaim to the world that he is better than me in this area. HE KNOWS BETTER;)

I would forgo the meatloaf recipe search because no matter what you find and how good it comes out, your husband and children will still say that Dad made it better. Not because it was necessarily better, but because his effort and the outcome at the time was suprising ... that will be remembered.

Dana said...

Three words for meatloaf (well, actually it would be four if you add the word "Yuck") "Hunt's Meatloaf Fixins". You can find it in the same section of the store as tomato paste. I never could make meatloaf (my family likes it, not me) until I found this stuff.

diana said...

I hate to say it, but I have found that lots of complements gets me just what I want--a husband who cooks not only "his wonderful meatloaf" but thinks he can now cook other things...thus freeing up my time in the kitchen. Just between us, I got a lot of work out of my husband by being that way.

diana said...

Oops, sorry, its late and I didn't know this was a taking over roles type thing..Yes by all means kick him out!Sorry!