I Eat, Therefore I Am... Failing At My Diet

I think I am starting to figure out why my diet is no working as well as I had hoped. My children are trying to sabotage me. They apparently like a mommy who is squishy and comfy. I have tried to convince them that supermodel moms make loads of money and therefore their kids are spoiled with material things but they aren't buying that. Whatever.

Yesterday I decided to write down everything I ate. By noon I was on page 3. This is what it looked like:

2 slices of turkey
1/2 glass of skim milk

-1 1/2 waffles smothered with syrup that my 4 year old decided she didn't want after 2 bites.
-3/4 bagel with cream cheese that my 4 year old decided she did not want either.

Morning snack
sugar-free jell-o cup

entire bag of microwave popcorn that my 4 year old wanted while she watched Little Bear but then decided she didn't want it because it was not the cheese kind. It was the movie theater butter kind. Nice.

Salad with cut up chicken breast and 1 Tbsp. dressing
Diet Pepsi

-1/2 of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that my son left on his plate
-handful of Cheetos that my 12 year old left on her plate
-Dora The Explorer strawberry yogurt that my 4 year old did not want
-Chocolate milk that was left on the counter
-A spoonful of butter... don't ask.

Afternoon Snack
6 grapes

-4 graham cracker cookies covered with chocolate... I have no excuse for this one.

Marinated Chicken breast
side salad

-half a pot of mashed potatoes that were left on the stove
-14 tater tots that my 4 year old wanted because she doesn't like mashed potatoes... she doesn't like tater tots anymore either.
-2 slices of bread with butter. I just couldn't stop myself.

Evening snack
cup of herbal tea

-ice cream bar that was accidentally opened for my 4 year old when she wanted a fudge bar.
-5 pretzel sticks that fell on the floor while I was putting the Cheetos back in the cabinet
-handful of Cheetos because the bag was almost empty so I decided to eat the rest and toss the bag.
-a piece of birthday cake that my neighbor brought over because she is skinny and does not like to have tempting food in her house... so she brings it over to me. Thanks.
-1 wine cooler that made my tongue turn blue.
-slice of pound cake to help get the blue off of my tongue.

At least I did some sit ups.


Momto5Minnies said...

An honest diet ... LOL! I guess admitting you eat more than you planned is the first step in getting to a place you want to be.

OBVIOUSLY you can't eat your children's leftovers.

Oh ... and there should never be anything blue in your diet.

Anonymous said...

...and you are your Grandma Mac's Granddaughter! However, while grandma always sat and make lists...I don't think she would ever make one for what she ate.
If she did she would have listed the Muscatel and Frescha she enjoyed so much...
Hang in there! Tommorrow is another day!

Dana said...

Have you not ever heard the saying "I'm not fat because of what I eat. I'm fat because of what my kids DON'T eat."?

Biddy said...

lol this is exactly why i gained 30 pounds being a nanny.....

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Yep! This is exactly why I'm having trouble losing weight.

Extra mac-n-cheese off Carson's plate...sure I'll eat it, I'd hate to let it go to waste.

Uneaten fish sticks, cookie, cheese, granola bar...

Yeah, I understand.

angelasustala said...

We have a responsibility to teach our kids not to be wasteful. I think you're doing fabulously!
(apparently, so am I)

Special K ~Toni said...

Looks my daily 'diet'! Your 4 yo eats like Luke, one or two bites and they change their minds! Just can't waste all that food!

Cris said...

Elaine, If I stop having blue in my diet... how can I drink blue slurpee's from 7-11 or a Blue Hawaiian wine cooler. Some thing I just can't drop from me diet. I refuse!

Anonymous said...

Hysterical post...and oh have I been there, done that! Once I learned this mantra, I was able to finally lose weight: "I am not a garbage can, I am not a garbage can, I am not a garbage can."

Amy said...

that was great-and actually looked a lot like my list today! Why can't I just eat a few bites and stop like the kids can?

Sarah said...

I always say the food either goes to waste or to waist. You pick. :)

I've been there!