I Owe Myself 60 Bucks... Plus Tip!

I woke up today loathing my hair. Back in April I decided to cut my long hair into a cute mom cut. I liked it for about 20 minutes and then regretted my decision so I started that long process of growing out my hair. This is a process I am familiar with as I have done this dance with hair growth at least 10 times before.

Growing out your hair sucks! I am at the point where my sides are now about an inch below my ears and the back of my hair is an inch or so longer than that. It looks stupid... so not only am I post pregnant fat, but I have a stupid haircut to boot!

I had a decision to make... should I go to my hairdresser and pay her $60 to cut the back to be even with the sides or do I pull out the kitchen shears that I used to cut up a chicken last Wednesday and do the trim myself.

I have cut my hair before but that was back in college and there was alcohol involved... and come to think of it, it was not my hair I was cutting but my but my friend who was passed out at the time... Whatever- the point is that I truly felt that I could cut my hair myself successfully.

I put the scissors up to my hair and then would set them down again. If I call to get an appointment I wouldn't be able to get in there today and I needed my haircut now-at least that is what this mood of mine is demanding! Hair will be falling today by golly!

As I was standing in the bathroom my 4 year old walked in and randomly said "Mom! Can! I! Get! A! Bike! Today!"

I thought for a moment and decided to cut my hair... and I did and it looks FABULOUS! Now I have an extra 60 bucks lying around I may as well go buy the 4 year old a bike!

I am such a good mom...


Biddy said...

good job!! if i cut my own hair, i'm fairly certain it would end up being much like your vuh jay jay shaving story...

"i couldn't get it even so i just kept cutting and now i've got a mohawk"

Anonymous said...

Years ago I promised my hairdresser that I would never cut my own hair again...and I haven't! But then again my haircuts only costs $18 plus $5 tip at the Hair Cuttery!
Happy your cut turned out fabulous!
Love, Aunt Barbara

Momto5Minnies said...

When I do the "trim in between" haircuts it is usually fine. I typically go for the messy, layered look so that a trim here and there is "usually" not that big a deal.

I do shave my nearly bald headed husband's hair every 3 weeks (for the last 6 years). I remember being nervous about it, but really it is hair ... it grows back ;)

I don't think I ever saw your "do" .

Jen M. said...

Oh, the long/short hair debates that have raged in my head for years. I do the same thing, and then ALWAYS regret it. Why?

And I just noticed on your profile that you're an Air Force Wife! We've been civilians for a while now, but I used to be one, too!

Dana said...

I am in the "grow it/cut it" phase myself. I just can't stand the in between phase so I guess it's off to get it cut.

Glad yours turned out so well.

Sister Mary Martha said...

We can't all be so lucky.

diana said...

With your hair color you look gorgeous no matter what...
I never get my hair cut because I am too lazy. So I keep it long enough so I can cut it myself and if I screw up theres a lot more there to cover it up...I never dreamed that I am saving money by being this way!