Holy Weight-Loss Batman!

Can I get a Hey Ho Hey Ho! I jumped on the scale this morning to find that I have lost 6 lbs. this week! Holy Toledo~(I have never understood where the "Holy Toledo" saying came from... I have been to Toledo-ain't so holy. Unless of course they are talking about Toledo Spain, but still... not so holy. Now if they said "Holy Vatican!" that I would understand.)

Anyway, it appears that the "Slim in 6" regiment of eating anything bland and tasteless and working out daily to a woman who tells me how good I am doing as if she can see me jumping up and down in my pj's is actually working. Who would have thought!

I waited one week to weigh myself and I will tell you, that was not an easy feat. I love my scale. I visit it numerous times a day-why you ask? I don't know... I just feel secure in knowing that if the earth lost gravity I would be able to stay planted because of the weight in my rear-don't ask me such obvious questions.

I follow very strict rules though for the first "weigh-in" of my day. It must be when I have first woken up and after I have gone to the bathroom, before I have eaten and after I have nursed Mary Claire. Oh, and I must be nekid. If I were a little dehydrated, well than that would help also. I also breath out as I weigh myself. I know everyone says that air is weightless, but I am not willing to take my chances.

So there you have it... I am well on my way to becoming a Supermodel.


Kasia said...

Go you!!! :-)

Now. I have to tell you that it's a GOOD thing that your husband took you to Quiznos instead of, say, Outback the other night. Because (a) if you'd gone to Outback, you'd have been tempted to eat waaaayyyy more than you would at Quiznos, and (b) I know from experience that eating at Outback makes the scale do crazy things, like tell me I have gained weight from all the water I retained because of all the yummy salt I consumed...

Dana said...

Congrats...kinda. I think those 6 pounds you lost tele-kenitkly (sp? and too lazy to look it up tonight) got onto my butt.

Michelle said...

Good for you...although I'm insanely jealous. I'm seven months pregnant and not getting smaller anytime soon. I keep asking my hsuband how much bigger I'm going to get. He's starting to plead the 5th and doing everything he can to change the subject.

Momto5Minnies said...

VERY COOL! I really want to get back to my exercise thing again. I would love to take off 6 pounds, but most of all I would love to be FIRMER.

HEy, how do you change the word options for commenting? Your says "ignoring dirty laundry as well"

Cris said...

Elaine-go to your template for your post and then click on the edit button in the bottom right corner of the post section.

Also... I may have taken 6 lbs off, but I have about 15 to go! Childbirth after 35 is rough~

Special K ~Toni said...

Yay Cris! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on losing 6 lbs.
Now I know you would never go looking for them, but if you ever wonder where they went...look in Indiana at Aunt B's house! ;)