Under WEAR? Under THERE!

OK, so I recently did a post on nursing bras. It was all the rave and I received many emails on suggestions for the perfect "over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder." Thank you very much. I have ordered enough bras to last me through my prison sentence... I mean my nursing years, and will keep you posted on the support factor, the pretty factor and if they are repulsive enough to keep my hound dog husband at bay (for the time being).

Today I thought I would share a conversation I recently had with a girlfriend of mine who is 6 months pregnant.

She called me one day to ask what kind of underwear I wear. She apparently knows me well and was confident that I would go on for hours about my panties. She was right. We had a long conversation about what type, make, model and year built that the panties were that I am sporting these days.

She was a little apprehensive about going out and buying the granny pantie that I had suggested. Hey-I am pregnant, there is nothing sexy about what is going on with this body so therefore if I put on some sexy panties i.e. thongs, it would be like a man who has not showered in days putting on cologne. It does not work and it makes other people avoid you.

In my opinion, there are few times when one can get away with wearing granny panties for months on end. The first, is if you are my mother and have worn them since the beginning of time and therefore do not know that there is a different kind of world out there-one that is full of panties that do not go all the way up to your belly button and all the way down to your mid-thigh. But she is happy and why challenge her full-coverage freedom. The other is when you are pregnant.

My friend is STILL wearing thongs. Crazy I know, but she just cannot let go of the need to feel sexy, and then she said it... the words I knew she was going to say but was hoping that she would have thumbed her nose at and ignored. She said that her husband does not like the granny panties and therefore she is still sporting the floss between the cheeks look-even though the cheeks are getting larger and her tummy is all but hiding the front on the thong so she looks like her body is literally EATING her underwear.

I sat stunned in silence. Finally I had to ask, "Well, is your husband paying any attention to you while you are in these thongs of yours?" Her answer... "No."

I convinced her that if said husband does not take an interest in you while sporting said floss than he has no say in what you wear. AND JUST WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS? (I didn't say that last part, but I was definitely thinking it!)

Long story short, she has gone out and bought the granny panties and called me to fill me in on the pretty colors and the comfort level that she is feeling. It is amazing what a little room "under there" can do for a woman's outlook on life!


Kasia said...

Ohhhh, mercy!

I have owned three thongs in my life. NO, NO, NO, NO, NOOOOO!!!!

I happily wear my high-cut cotton briefs. If I want to feel sexy, I will buy boylegs. Because really, I'm not married yet, and when I am I will put the thong on ONLY long enough to have to take it right back off again!

Since I'm trying to be chaste according to my state in life, there's no point in being uncomfortable in a thong!!!

Shauna said...

What is that man thinking?
I give your friend credit for wanting to feel sexy. I haven't felt sexy in years - as in, before I was pregnant with Nicholas!

Toni said...

She should knock his head off and watch it roll across the floor.

In our house- we get to chose our own underwear. Hubs doesn't want to wear those little 'banana hammock' things? Fine- grab your boxers, but trust me- I shall be comfy too!

Cris said...

Toni... you mean you don't require banana hammocks? How does he play sports? :)

Shae said...

I couldn't wear a thong anytime! But I like low cut panties when I'm pregnant. Not for looks (no one would ever want to look at my tummy). But because the other kind just roll right down off of my belly.

Jennifer said...

I've been a bikini girl most of my life, but after I had my 5th kid, my rear was getting wider and so (instead of giving up chocolate chip cookies...) I bought a thong to wear when I wear dress pants...no more visible panty line! I haven't showed my hubby yet...5 kids is enough for now and if he knew I had on a thong it might just be too much for that dog.

Queen Heather said...

I finally trashed the last of my thongs too. It was like panty freedom. Awesome.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Thong rules:
1. Never while working out.
2. Never while sleeping.
3. Never after the 4th month of pregnancy.
4. Never while cleaning your home or just hanging out in your sweats.
5. Never while getting a "visit from aunt flo".
6. Never if you're 30+ pounds over what you think you should be...they WONT make you feel sexier...eat more fiber, cut out the morning donut, take the stairs, THEN go ahead and floss away!

Ann said...

Why not while working out? No panty line!