By Golly, There are Good People in the World!

Thank you...

To the lady behind the counter at Wendy's today who thought my little one was cute and brought her an extra kid's meal toy~

To the Toys R Us employee who helped me load my car with the SANDBOX and made sure that everything fit perfectly~

To the man at Lowe's who asked this ol' pregnant lady if she needed help lifting those 50 lb. bags of play sand onto our cart~

To the employee at Lowe's who tried to give me half of my flowers for free (because he was either a disgruntled employee who wanted to "stick it to the man" or he had just gotten high on his 10 minute break) but who also understood when I reminded him that I needed to pay for ALL of my purchases~

To the young guy in the parking lot of Lowe's who saw this ol' pregnant lady drop a 50 lb. bag of play sand in the parking lot and not only did he jog over and pick it up, but he also helped load my van as well~

To my son who was the man of the day and lifted and hauled everything I needed without a single complaint... and who also held his little sister's hand across the street so she would not be harmed without me having to ask.

To my oldest daughter, who vacuumed the sand up from the family room carpet before her dad came home and said "See! I told you sand would come into the house if you got that sandbox!"

To my little one, who I dragged to 4 different stores today and who did not run away from me once making my uterus want to fall out if I had to chase her.

To my husband... who rushed home from work so that he could pick our son up from karate and take him to his baseball game so that I would not have to leave the house again today.

And Lastly, to the man in the white pick up truck beside me today for picking his nose with such focus and vigor that it had my children and me in hysterical fits for hours! Thank you! Thank you also for looking at us like we were horrible people after we caught you digging in your nose and making us laugh even harder! Thank you! Thank you for rolling that booger between your thumb and finger and flinging it in your TRUCK-not even into the street! Thank you for the laughs my friend... Thank YOU!


AuburnGalAlways said...

What a great Monday!! All that happened here was The Mighty Hunter tried to burn the whole valley.

He failed. thankfully.

Suzanne said...

Eeewy gooey! YUCK! (I liked the rest of your post! LOL!

Dana said...

Yay! You won out and got the sandbox! The nose picker was just the icing on the cake.

Toni said...

Thank you for giving me a great chuckle this morning!

Yay! You got the sandbox!