Mascara OCD

I recently did a post on my deodorant OCD. I am still in shock as to how many of you emailed me and commented saying that you only use about 4 or 5 swipes of deodorant a day. In my opinion, if you are not stinky by dinner time, than you are definitely stinky in next morning when you do you yawn and stretch and you get a whiff of yourself and say "PHEW! Maybe Cris has something with the 12-14 swipes she does!"

One comment I found interesting was from elaine who said...
"Have you ever counted how many times you wave your mascara wand on your lashes???? I swore I only did it about 4 times per eye, but it is close to 20 on each eye. My husband who works for "THE BIGGEST" cosmetic company claims that the average woman does 90 strokes between both eyes. Sounds crazy, but maybe not! Just sharing one more random thought ;)"

Now, information like this just gets me giddy with excitement! First of all... what company does your husband work for Elaine and can he get me free samples? Secondly, when I get information like this, it will stay with me until I try it out myself... and then I will think of Elaine and her husband and his job at this cosmetic company (who I bet Elaine gets free samples from) each and every time I use my mascara.

Well, it seems that I wave my wand over each eyelash a good 35-40 times! WHO KNEW!! I am not a big make-up wearer but since I am blond and have blond eyelashes (don't hate me because I am beautiful) I will wear mascara every day... even if I chose not to shower and put my 12-14 deodorant swipes to a two-day marathon. If I don't put on mascara people all day long will tell me that I look "exhausted" to which I will answer, "yeah, well you look ugly!" and then they are no longer my friend and I don't know where it all went wrong. So, to avoid such altercations, I wear mascara.

So, since Elaine sent such a titillating comment, I challenge all of you to count your mascara swipes. All of you high and mighty 4-5 deodorant swipers may surprise yourselves and where you are lacking in deodorant usage, you are making up in mascara application. Be sure to think of Elaine while you are counting~

Having said all of that, it occurred to me yesterday that I now have mascara OCD as well (with Elaine and her husband to thank) because now not only do I count my deodorant swipes, I count my mascara waves as well... making sure I am putting the same amount on each eye.

24,25,26 on the left
24,25,25,27, little 28, 29 on the right--ugh!
27,28,29, long 30 on the left---AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

I am willing to bet that the only one who actually achieves the 90 waves is our mascara hero, Miss Tammy Faye Baker.


Queen Heather said...

I'm up for the eyelash challenge. I'll count mine tomorrow! Though I can see how it wouldn't be THAT hard to do 20 swipes per eye...if that is top & bottom lashes combined. I shall see! I may be low because I have black hair, which means black lashes. Hmmm...now I want to go take mine off and reapply just to know. :-P

Toni said...

This is actually something that I already count, it's between 7-10 each. Gotta be even. And NO I don't stink for using FAR less deodorant than you!

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I am a redhead, so by definition I am way worse off than a blond in the lash/brow department. I actually started dying my eyebrows a couple of months ago. My sis and I both did the filling-in-with-pencil thingie and it took forever to make it look natural before (why the heck didn't I do that YEARS ago??? I thought you could go blind or something.) Anyway, since I was saving so much time on my routine, I actually tried to dye my eyelashes (IKNOWIKNOWSTUPIDSTUPIDSTUPID) and it kind of worked but it hurt when the fumes irritated my eyes and I won't be doing that again. I did a fake run of how many swipes (don't feel like putting on makeup today) and I counted at least 25 per eye, but I have a feeling that it's really more. You should have a separate category or even a separate blog called "Body Count" or something like that. It's a fun distraction to figure out these little factoids about ourselves!

elaine said...

I'm not sure if my husband would like me to say which "company" he works for. I can tease you with a slogan, but then you would TOTALLY guess ;)

I am another blonde eyelash girl and CAN'T live without my mascara. It is pretty much the only cosmetic that I frequently get (or now receive free ...LOL!)

I feel honored to be the talk of this post (blushing)!

Dana said...

Great. Thanks a lot. If you remember, I am one of the few that does the massive amounts of deoderant swipes. Now you are going to make me count my mascara swipes as well. I'll let you know tomorrow since I have already removed my makeup for the day.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

okay, it's official: 47 per eye, but if I was going out for the night, it would be at least double that! I'm so shocked!

Kasia said...

OK - I have dark lashes, so it's understandable that mine is lower, but I did about 11 or 12 swipes per upper and 2 or 3 per lower. That's with regular mascara, though, not the cake mascara I like to use but need to buy a new brush for.

And I counted my deodorant swipes this morning - I did 6, which felt like normal, though I did decide to add another 2 per pit because I was running late and had skipped my shower. (I know, gross, but sometimes I just don't care that much...)

So I guess I'm the anti-Tammy Faye.

kristi said...

If I don't wear eye makeup, I get the same comments..."You look tired, are you sick? " Blah blah blah. Hmmm...I'll have to count tomorrow, (if I remember!)