Is This a Contraction I am Having, or am I Just Happy to See Myself?

Labor and Delivery. UGH!

I was thinking about Eve (From the singing group Adam and Eve... in the Bible) the other day and I started to wonder something. Did she only give birth to two boys? We only read about Cain and Abel in the Bible, yet we are all here today... meaning that Adam apparently found her irresistible in her leaves and vines, and she had other children. She had to have girls as well. Having said that, this would mean that her boys would have to have children with their sisters... which may explain a lot about my mental state from time to time but it still makes me scratch my head and wonder. Now, I have heard of people marrying their first cousin, and if we are all related as brothers and sisters and then you go and marry your first cousin... no wonder your children are born with 4 fingers or an extra nipple.

Anyway, I decided to ignore the thought of Eve having more children other than the two that we know about in the Bible and just assume that maybe God came down and made more people-maybe not next door to Adam and Eve's hut-but on the other side of the world. I don't know-it is a stretch, but it helps to support my labor and delivery decision that I have been tossing about in my head.

Now, God told Eve that she would have to endure the pains of childbirth as a punishment for eating the apple. If I go with the thought that she only had her two boys, than she only had to go through natural childbirth twice.

As far as I am concerned, this means that I am all Eve'd out since I have gone through natural childbirth twice as well. I am good... I am even with Eve. I am well on my way to heaven.

I was at the Dr. yesterday and we were talking about epidurals. I had an epi with my first born and it was a bad experience. I was so pumped with juice that I had no idea I even had legs and I could not walk for hours and hours after birth. Our oldest had to be away from me for 5 hours and in observation since the meds made her heart rate decrease and she was a forceps delivery. Personally, the forceps should trump anything Eve ever had to do... but whatever.

With my second and third deliveries I went a' la' natural, thus making me even with Eve. So with this baby I am once again considering the epidural. I expressed my fears from my first epidural experience to my Doc and she stated that since this is my fourth baby, my body will be better at reading the signs of labor (like when to actually push the baby out!)

The other problem I have is that I truly do not think my body "knows" how to go into labor. I have been induced with each of my babies. I was hoping my Doc would take pity on me and simply schedule an induction rather than let me wonder each day if I am having a contraction or if I am just having gas. No such luck there. She suggested I start taking Evening Primrose capsules and see how I do. SEE HOW I DO? That is what is worrying me.

I live an hour from the hospital on a good day. I truly do not want to give birth to this baby on the George Washington Parkway. It would be easier for all involved (my husband, the police, the road crews, other commuters) if I had a scheduled induction... but I am going to start taking the evening primrose.

I also mentioned to my husband that he should start helping me out. Like a friend of mine says, The best way to get it out, is the way you got it in. My husband said "Whatever you need me to do babe." As if he were being the hero and taking one for the team... he is such an Adam.


The Queen Mama said...

Well, I have a suggestion for getting labor started if you're serious about it...castor oil!

No kidding. It worked for me. My OB recommended it when I was at 38 weeks with #1 and he was leaving town for a 2-week vacation in 5 days. I absolutely did NOT want to deliver with the only other OB in town, so I went home that night and mixed up a few ounces of castor oil with a large glass of orange juice and drank it down.

About 2 in the morning, I woke up with intestinal rumblings. Spent most of the next three hours in the bathroom. Finally got back in bed about 5:30 a.m., and just after 6 a.m. I felt this tiny little "pop!" down below. I got up, went to the bathroom and...sure enough...my water had broken and the contractions had started. Baby was born around 6 p.m. that day.

The great part? I didn't have to worry about pooping on the birth table.

Essy said...

Well...I know NOTHING about labor and delivery (I got mine the 'easy way'...yeah right)...anyway...just wanted to let you know that you are in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Well now.
Don't we all love our birth stories?
I was 25 with my oldest and just shy of 44 with my youngest...
I had an epidural and forceps with the oldest too - and dang, he was 11 pounds at birth! What a pain! He STILL is a pain! LOL (and 6'3")
BUT, I wanted an epidural because of my age and because I was so out of shape (aka fat) when I had Rocky...but I dilated so quickly that they couldn't give it to me and I was so freakin' proud of myself.
They didn't even have to use paddles on me!
I did it au natural all the way baby.
Not that I chose it, but hey. I'm lookin' for strokes anywhere I can these days.
Now that I'm 50, I guess I need to find someone bloggin' about their hysterectomy -- I have a good story to add to theirs!

You'll be fine, Cris.

Hey. Did you ever find my NEW blog?


Cris said...

Queen~I bought a bottle of castor oil for my last pregnancy. Every night I looked at it, opened it, smelled it, attempted to take some... but chickened out each time. I did end up taking just a small taste and that was about it. If there is one thing I dislike more than the pain of labor, it is spending a few hours in the loo cleaning out my innerts!

Annie said...

Just found your blog today - and I had to laugh (sorry) at your description of not feeling legs with your epi - this same thing happened with my second delivery and on that basis, if I were ever to find myself giving birth again - I think I'll skip the epi.

My best advice is walk walk walk. If you think you're having contractions - walking is either going to make them stop, (if they are just braxton hicks) or bring them on in a more satisfactory pattern. It will also help dilate your cervix :) I had lots of contractions before the end of my last pregnancy - I sympathise with you.

Good luck!

Toni said...

'Take one for the team'~ love it!

Totally explains my 7 toes and 2 extra nipples now!

Dana said...

I am no longer going to be able to tell my son to either hit the ball or be hit because "Taking one for the team" now has a whole new meaning in my dictionary!

Michelle said...

Read more of Genesis - Eve had a son named Seth after the whole Cain and Abel debaucle. So you'll have to go one more the old fashioned way to catch up!

I've tried everything: spicy food, balsamic vinegar, primrose oil, walking, castor oil, husband's assistance, praying, pleading and bargaining with God...all to no avail. I finally started setting my own due dates (and lying (gasp!) to the medical professionals about the first day of my last period) for two weeks later than they would have set them. I was spot on with #4 and #5 was 4 days early.

Cris said...

Dang Michelle... now you threw my entire plan off!

I need to go read my Bible

Matilda said...

Castor oil only works for the first pregnancy and it takes more than a taste. My midwife's recipe was to take 2 TBSP. inside of a root beer float with a peanut butter cup chaser.

And the other thing has been tossed around for many years as a way to get labor started but it won't force your body into labor unless your body is good and ready. It is however, tons of fun. My husband calls it "the feast before the famine"!

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Heeheeheehee, my hubs just LOVES the "feast before the famine" dealio. He suggests it with every pregnancy. I really believe it worked for number one. Niklaus (#4) was my only child that was almost 100 percent NOT induced and he came on his due date! The night before I had caffine and meatballs at a 500 party (we were sitting so much that my 'braxton-hicks' contractions were in full gear. For some reason, sitting and driving really pushed those contractions a lot for me). Also, the 45 minute drive (I had to drive, Butch was tanked) home really helped start labor. I was in labor all night at home and also in denial that I was in labor and just tried to change position, like that would help. About 6:30 in the morning my "indigestion" really hurt and by 11:30 he was born. All 10lbs, 6oz 'o him! I always heard that castor oil can be dangerous? Eh, I don't like anything that messes around with my guts like that, labor is violent enough!