A Challenge

We have chosen the Godparents of our little #4 and today I have been browsing the Internet looking for the perfect gifts. My older sister is the Godmother and I have ordered this for her:

It is very sweet and it fits her to a tee...
I have come upon a road block for what to get the Godfather. My cousin Steve is the Godfather and he is a Irish, drinking, hilarious, fun-loving kind of guy. I want to mix all of those things in with the fact that I am so thankful to have him as our baby's Godfather and I cherish the relationship that he and I share and how happy I am that he has accepted this role of being a Godparent to one of my children.
That being said... I was going to order this:
But then I came across a T-Shirt saying this:
And then I saw this poster:
So as you can see... I am at a loss. I need to step away from the computer before I end up ordering him a Toilet Humor book!
I need your help-do you have any suggestions for a Godfather gift for a unique and lovable guy? One that will let him know how much he is loved but also be appropriate for the Sacrament of Baptism??? I am depending on you!


Kasia said...

What about an Irish rosary?


Or a St. Patrick something-or-other?

Kasia said...

Ooo, that store has a whole Irish section! Check it out:


Laura The Crazy Mama said...

You could get a nice pic of the baby and the godfather when he comes to visit you in the hosp. or when he first visits you (in black and white) then for the baptism you could get a special frame and maybe mat it in some special way with the baptism date and a nice quote from the bible on the bottom and "my godchild so-and-so" with the date of the baptism. But I also think you should include the DVD "the godfather" with the gift. That would be awesome!

Shauna said...

Sorry this is on the wrong post. I wanted to comment on your bad mood and tell you that pregnant women never need to apologize for being in a bad mood!

And Spinal Tap reuniting? I'm excited!

Suzanne said...

I agree with the picture idea of him and the baby with the date of the Baptism. Guys do get sentimental and when he looks at that, it will remind him of his godchild and to pray or that he might just do a little something special for his godchild here and there. Pictures in nice frames are always special. I'd take it at the actual Baptism though, myself.

Toni said...

Haven't a clue- but I hope you having a better day!