Look Hon, No Pants!

Has anyone seen the Burger King commercial that is on right now advertising the kid's meal with SpongeBob?

It starts out with an ENTIRE family in the bathroom-kids asking mom if they are going to BK. They run off in delight and mom then turns her attention back to cleaning the sink (I bet there is cemented toothpaste on the sink, as I am quite sure there is cemented toothpaste on every sink in every house that has children... and men.) We then notice that her husband is not only in the bathroom with her, but he is in the bathtub... taking a bubble bath no less. Now, I don't know about you, but my husband does not take bubble baths because well, he is an adult and the only time he would attempt a bubble bath would be if I were in it with him and we were on vacation somewhere... without the kids.

The husband decides to be "funny" and puts a sponge on top of his head and stands up. We get a full frontal of this man-thankfully the bubbles have strategically hidden the family jewels-and he makes some off handed joke about a child's toy. "SpongeBob, no pants."

I am repulsed by this commercial every time I see it. First of all, what dad takes a bath (or does anything in the bathroom) with his children running in and out. Yes, our little one will run in and out of the bathroom while I am in there, as will the dog, and the occasional neighbor... but that is different. I am the mom-we have no private parts. All of our private parts have been on display for years and we are like anatomical eunuchs to our children. And secondly, why do we need to see this naked man make a joke about a kid's meal toy?? Gross!

Maybe if it were the Bachelor in all of his muscular glory standing up in the tub naked with the bubbles placed just so, and there was no mention of Spongebob... then I would not be so repulsed, but that kind of thing does not come on until after 8p.m. in these here parts.

I don't know what Burger King was thinking! I guess it could be worse. That creepy King they have who will show up in people's beds in the morning or on the elevator to work could have played the part of the naked husband in the bathtub. But my guess is that he is built like my Ken doll was when I was a little girl...


Kasia said...

Eeeuuwww, creepy.

There are so many things to not like about that.

Although I will admit that my boyfriend is not TOTALLY averse to bubble baths once in a while. But he refuses to use my girly bubble stuff, and instead uses Mr. Bubble.

If I saw that commercial (I never turn on the TV) I would probably write to Burger King and complain.

Dana said...

I haven't seen that one but I would definately be repulsed if I had. What were they thinking?

Michelle said...

My husband takes baths - with ice and epsom salt. He calls me a whimp for not pushing my body so hard I feel the need to do the same sort of thing. I call him foolish.

So, who is the target audience for this commercial? Moms? Do you think the image of a woman slaving away while hubby chills in the tub would make me want to go to BK? Dads? Does making a man out to be ridiculous and selfish make other men want to spend money on Whoppers? Kids? Ha ha, Dad is so funny, let's go to BK? I'm not getting it.

Toni said...

I hate that commercial.

Real men do not take baths unless it is 100% going to lead to sex for them. Real men shower, quickly, with 'manly' smelling soap.

Suzanne said...

Personally, I had to laugh about it.
Well, at least the tail end of it...its the wife that is funny.
Oh and sorry, Toni...real men do take baths..tired men like my man who have to work really hard and a good long warm soak is Heaven to him. I'm not sure what he wants after that...mostly just to pass out and get a good night's sleep! ;)
PS...Just so ya know, I ain't referring to bubble baths where my hubby is concerned. LOL!

Kitchen Madonna said...

Maybe the BK king needs to take a bubble bath himself read the entire Catachism before he gets out.

Shauna said...

I've never seen the commercial, but will know to keep fast forwarding the TiVo. Ew.

And yes, toothpaste in the sink - men and kids!!

Queen Heather said...

I haven't seen that particular BK commercial. Funny thing, the ad agency who does the current weird BK ad is my hubby's hero-worship agency. But he doesn't like this new angle either.

I'll give BK some credit in at least attempting to be edgy with the whole naked man thing but I think it's in poor taste to do it off of the new kids meal toy. My kids run in & out of the bathroom with their dad in there BUT I have all boys so that's no biggie. I'm the one who is beginning to keep them away from me when I'm nekkie.

I'll have to watch for this commercial and revel in the tasteless of these C.P. agency commercials more. Yippee! Friday nite fun! LOL

jeanne said...

Every thought you had ran through my mind too! Very creepy! Dad, at least stay in the tub, don't stand up!

Anonymous said...

you're a prude dork.