Overheard Today In The Cleaver House...

"Can this place look like children do not live in it for at least one day?"
"Do not touch any of the Christmas ornaments... I did not put them up there for you to play with."
"Can we try to not look like White Trash Christmas this year please?"
"No, Santa Claus will not bring you any presents if you break Momma's Christmas decorations!"
"What do you think? That Christmas was invented for children? You are mistaken my friend, it is so moms can decorate their houses to look like Santa threw up all over the place!"

We are all decked out... how bout you?


Erica said...

Hmm yeah we are having fun here also.I honestly thought this year would be easier,but I was so wrong the three year old won't leave the tree alone.Is Christmas over yet?Because I'm not sure I am going to have any hair left.

Momto5Minnies said...

NOPE ... no decorating yet. I keep telling myself that I am waiting until the start of ADVENT. I guess this weekend I will have to drag out the boxes. Christmas and a 2 year old should be fun. I am fairly sure something will get broken and the tree that looked beautiful on day 1 will look totally "kid like" soon after.

Beth said...

The tree is up and the kids are leaving it alone...well,sort of.. I found them playing hide and seek underneath it yesterday and it only started shaking a little bit and nothing was broken...and it's not even DECEMBER yet.

I was tricked into putting my decorations up too soon by an early Thanksgiving!

Kasia said...

No, I decided I had to at least wait until Advent started. And The Canuck wants to rearrange my living room next weekend when he's in town, so I'm thinking I'll put up the tree then.

I may not have kids, but believe you me, two cats with a Christmas tree is just as bad. After five years together, Miko still hasn't learned that he's not allowed on the kitchen counter (he hopped up by me just last night when I was standing in the kitchen eating ice cream), and Dodge...well...the cat has trouble remembering to stop and bury after he poops. Nine times out of ten he finishes, looks around, and bolts, leaving me to deal with the stank.

Rick said...

Very funny _ especially liked "White Trash Christmas." You know I'll use that one.


chestertonian said...

We got our tree on Sunday -- the first Sunday of Advent. Finished decorating it last night.