For The Love of God People... Clear The Roads!

My parents are driving in tomorrow. You have to know that this is quite an ordeal for my parents... I mean, my father will have to get out of his chair and turn off the TV!

Road trips with my parents were always such fun. We always had to turn back 3/4 of the way to our destination because my father would forget things like the vacation money, his insulin, his heart medication, underwear, us kids. It was always my mom's fault too... I don't know why that woman never learned, I mean, it is not like my father is an ADULT or anything. He needs constant supervision.

A few years ago we lived in England. Mom and Dad came out to visit and we had a full schedule planned. We woke up at the crack of dawn and set out for Stonehenge. After the 4 hour drive my Dad realized that he had left his insulin in my refrigerator at home. We were able to see Socialism at work that day as my dad was able to not only see a Doctor and have a free exam, he was even able to get his meds for only $3 at the local pharmacy. He was ready to pack his bags and apply for dual citizenship. Who cares about freedom when you can have cheap meds right?

We were only able to hang our heads out the window and ohh and ahh a little as we drove past Stonehenge that day because we had spend the daylight hours at the free clinic. My dad, always doing his best to make meaningful memories.

I called my mom today to see what time they were leaving in the morning. I threatened to call and wake them up because if my mom says they will be leaving by 6 a.m. that means they will not be getting out of bed until 7 and they have to sit and have their coffee and toast before heading out. They will be lucky if they are on the road by 10.

I told her to not talk to any strangers along the way because people prey upon the elderly. Especially ones that walk with a limp like my dad does. I also told her that those little stores along the highway that say "Adults Only" should be avoided at all cost... no matter what my dad tells her is in there!

I have prepared the kids for another visit from Grammy and Papa. They have all hidden their Halloween candy because my diabetic father will eat it all, and they have brought out all of their puzzles and playing cards because my mom will sit for hours with them. The only thing my mother loves more than potato chips are her grandchildren and puzzles.

I can't wait to see them! I wish they lived closer so that I could make fun of them more often.


Devin said...

Have a great time! I'm excited to see my mom and dad too.

Mama DB said...

Have fun with you family, Cris! Happy Turkey Day to you and yours.

Beth said...

My parents are the exact opposite. If they say they are going to arrive at a certain time, they will be precisely 30 minutes EARLY.

Have a great Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to lots of posts with you poking fun at the goofy things your parents did on their visit!

Marva said...

Cris, love the blog! It's always good for a hearty laugh. Hope y'all have a great Thanksgiving together. Be sure to take notes whilst the parentals are around so you can make fun of them when they're gone.

The Redneck Princess said...

AUHHHH... how we become parents and also have to parent our own parents. The circle of life. Just think, your kids will be doing the same for you in about 30 years! HE!! I for one am going to make sure my kids have their hands full!

Happy Turkey Day!

Momto5Minnies said...

You poke fun in such a loving way;)

You are blessed to have your parents spending Thanksgiving with you. Hope it is a day filled with wonderful memories and lots of humor!

Devin said...

Cris! Get back here! Your blogger-break is OVER!