Walker... College Girl Ranger.

Yes, I am aware it is Tuesday. Yes, I am aware that the Swoon did not go up on Monday. Yes, I am aware that I am a slacker...

I have sick kids at home and have survived Homecoming weekend with a Freshman... cut me some slack.

On Sunday night I went to my favorite place to eat dinner in the world... Dairy Queen. I love M&M Blizzards, I really do. They are God's gift to humanity and I thank Him every morning for them.

"Hey God? This is June... how are ya? I know that Iran is keeping you busy and Health Care has probably got you pulling your Spiritual hair out... but I would like to thank you for Dairy Queen M&M Blizzards because I think they are great and they make me smile, and I know when I smile, You smile with me... so I hope you could forget about the fact that nine out of ten teens are not getting their daily allowance of fruits and vegetables for just a brief Heavenly nanosecond and know that MILLIONS are probably thankful to You for ice cream. Amen."

I am nothing if not Faithful... no matter what you may think you know about me.

Anyway... I went to DQ with one of my favorite people in the world! I have known Christiana since she was in my Small Group as a Freshman in high school and now she is a Sophomore in college-and my daughter, who was just a little squirt when Christiana came into our lives is now a Freshman in high school and Christiana thinks she is old.

Yeah... sure.

I asked Christiana who I should put on the swoon. She sat and thought for a moment and then jumped out of her seat and shouted


"Who is Paul Walker?"

"He is the totally hot guy in the movie Fast and Furious."

"Oh, that explains it."

"Have you ever seen the movies Fast and Furious?"

"Uhm... no"

"Well, you HAVE TO!"

So because Christiana is feeling old because my child is growing up, I thought I would make her smile and not only put Mr. Walker on the Swoon... but I would link you to her blog-which is totally fun because she is giving us the play by play of college life--and not by a kid that drinks every night and skips class (that would have been my college blog) but this blog is by a good kid who remembers who she is!

Upoon hearing how mucho grande taco bell Christiana likes this Paul Walker character, I decided to call him up. I told him all about Christiana and he asked if his agent could set up a date with her. I said "No way Buddy!" So then he asked if he could call her himself and I handed him her number and said "Do with it what you wish..." and walked away. (I am cool like that). But then I ran around the corner and did a little surveillance with my camera and got this shot:

This is Paul on the phone with Christiana asking her out on a date... and then getting a little perturbed when he had to repeat who he was four times before she remembered him.

This is Paul waiting for Christiana on their date. Look at how he is gazing into the future... THEIR future... I can just tell he is imagining a little house on a hill with a couple of dogs running around. Notice how he didn't wear shoes-he was totally anticipating her knocking his socks off so he decided to save himself the step.

And this is where he was at a movie premier and was saying "Sorry ladies... I love Christiana, but I hear Vin Diesel is single."

Good call Paul... and good luck with Christiana!


Christiana said...

Oh how I love me some Paul Walker : ]

you make me smile and laugh and I love you!!!!

Can't wait till SATURDAY!!

Uptown Girl said...

If Christiana doesn't end up liking Paul Walker, I take left overs. Just want to put that out there.

ps- if ever you set me up on a date you should tell the guy that shoes are required (but not shirts).

Layna said...

DQ blizzards and a hot boy! you rock June!!! but we all already knew that. I was thrilled when they came out with the miniblizzard. m&m w/ Oreos is my fave. Paul Walker is now on my top 5 - so glad you unearthed him for us mature ladies. sawooooonnn!!!!! now i'm off to DQ for the part of the swoon i can touch & taste.

Lorren Says... said...

My favorite blizzard is Butterfinger. We used to always got to DQ after the beach.

Paul was a cutie in "8 Below", too (of course it would be a kid's movie. That's all I seem to watch).

That One Mom said...

There is an award waiting for you on my page... Cheers!

Red said...

Thank you thank you thank you for a very entertaining Paul Walker/Vin Diesel swoon.. I will be swooning for the rest of the day just thinking about feeding ol' Paul a DQ blizzard *sigh*

Aunt Barbara said...

Yes, I remember Paul Walker from Eight Below...great movie. And he is a cutie!
Love your blog.
Can't figure out how you do it, you are so cleaver!!!
Aunt Barbara

Michele said...

I love this post...

you always make me laugh..
I heart you.

thanks for the swoon.
Keep up posted on how the "date" goes.... LOL


Anonymous said...

Haha, what a great post. I have to agree with her....Paul Walker is a HOTTIE!!!! :)

rita said...