Now listen, I will be the first to admit that I am not a Taylor Swift music fan. I am not a fan simply because her music is better suited for my daughter's age group of 14 year old giddy girls who get nervous around boys and want to fall in love with someone just because they wear Hurley t-shirts and have a cool cell phone...

I am more of the head-banging, angry rant music type of fan.

I can't help it.

But I will say this about that sweet blonde girl standing on that stage in front of millions of people-she has class.

She didn't do any of the things that I would have done if that happened to me-because when I see something unfair happening to someone, I have no problem speaking up-taking a stand and threatening to kick some jackass where the sun don't shine.

So congratulations to Taylor Swift-not for winning an award, but for earning something much more important in life-respect.

Atta girl.


FLYNAVY said...

Morning Miss Cleaver,
Hell, ole Kanye had class that night.....it was all low. Sure his Mama raised him better than that on how to treat a lady [that poor little white girl deserves a medal on staying cool]....& how to button a simple shirt. Never understood rap music, well rap, it's not music. & Bravo Zulu to US President Obama for his correct use of the word jackass. Course if that attention whore Kanye wanted publicity they we all will be playing along with his master plan....damn u Kanye, damn u to hell.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I saw this after the fact (didn't watch the show), but even I was shocked by how rude he was!

Lorren said...

She was probably in such a shock she didn't know what to say or do. I loved how Beyonce invited her back up to finish her acceptance speech. Well done, Beyonce!

Urban Mom said...

I, too, thought that Beyonce showed some class in how she handled things later in the show, too. As for Kanye... low-rent, you jackass. Low rent. (and yes, there's a difference between *paying* low rent and *being* low rent)

momto5minnies said...

She did have a lot of CLASS ... HE did not control restraint.

I don't watch these shows anymore for I sort of feel like it is all a SHOW ... celebrities out to SHOCK in some way.

For now, Taylor Swift seemed genuine and sweet.

I'm growing tired of our country who angers way too easily and expresses it at very improper times.

Jud said...

I like Taylor's music as much as any other "bubble gum" music through the years. It's okay and Radio Disney plays the hell out of it, so I hear it a lot with Little One.

Kanye is a tool. And, if what I read is correct, this was some sort of viewer vote award, so I guess he was calling MTV viewers shallow. Well, duh.

I hope Taylor Swift has someone to give her sound financial advice and that she is putting back most of the money she is earning and that she will enjoy a long and pleasant life.

Perhaps Kanye will learn that booze and TV don't mix, but somehow I doubt it.

wankette said...

Thank you for putting out the thought of June instead of Taylor Swift onstage with Kanye in that moment.

Actually, I've made a little video of it in my head. It's running on a loop.
p.s. June is kicking his ass.

wankette said...
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Enbrethiliel said...


I also saw this after I heard what had happened and was amazed at how awful it was. Taylor should have been enjoying the happiest moment of her life, and the Jackass (I don't even want to write his name) stole it for no reason other than the urges of his oversized ego. I wanted to cry for her. =(

Thank goodness Beyonce had some real class, aye?

Uptown Girl said...

It makes sense that I'd love Taylor Swift, bc I also identify with your description of girls who "get nervous around boys and want to fall in love with someone just because they wear Hurley t-shirts and have a cool cell phone..." :)

Taylor+Beyonce= Glamour Girls
Kanye= Attention Whore Drama Queen
Uptown Girl= 14 yr old giddy girl

Anonymous said...

I almost cried for that sweet child when I saw this clip. She is all class even if she was (as it looked) in shock. Kanye is EVIL- that's the only "clean" thing I can say about that one.

rita said...

That jackass. If I ever had any respect for him (and I didn't) it'd be gone long before now.

Not mixing booze and tv? May I suggest that he mix some booze with oh, a bottle of valium?

Evil. But heartfelt.