Is It Stalking If You Tell Them You Are Following Them?

So I am stealing this from someone's blog... I assume it is okay because I am going to tell you who I stole it from-so that should keep me out of court right?



Every once in a while I take a walk around the blogsphere and meet new neighbors. I never talk to them mind you... that would be weird, but I do stalk them, because that is normal.

And I am all about being normal.

In my saunter through the vast yet tiny Internet I came across this site.

I fell in love instantly with Katie and wanted desperately to be her friend, or at least her older sister.

She recently took a road trip with her friend-and I couldn't help but smile when I watched this~

Road Trip from katie sokoler on Vimeo.

Don't you just want to go with them? Doesn't it just look like a load of fun!!!

Go read her blog and TRY not to smile. I dare ya... I bet you won't be able to do it.

She is a smile maker and I am all about passing on the fun!


powdergirl said...

Yes June,
Yes I do want to go with them.

And I'll go visit Katie too, but I won't even try not to smile, why would I do that? I'm a smiler, thats where I got these crows feet from, hey wait.... : )

michele said...

This made me smile and giggle... love it!

Star Molegraaf said...

Loved her blog! Plan on stalking it, thank you very much!