A Tweet Here... A Tweet There...

So I have never done MySpace because I have no space that is my own-I can't even shower without a two year old opening the shower door to say hello every 30 seconds so what am I supposed to do with a MySpace account?

I wouldn't know what to do with all the... "Space"

And I did have a facebook account, but I deactivated it and then activated it and then deactivated it and then activated it and then deactivated it again... because that is how I roll. Leave me alone... pay attention to me... leave me alone... pay attention to me... leave me alone. I usually activate it when I get a phone call from a friend who says "Have you seen so-and-so from high school? They look FABULOUS!" and I have to activate my account in order to admire the wonders of plastic surgery.

I opened a twitter account eons ago-but never posted anything. I think I signed up for it so that I could read Ashton Kutchers Tweets about Demi Moore... I can't remember, but I didn't tweet on it because I didn't want anyone stealing my brilliant thoughts-because there are thought stealers out there... and then one day I would be at the movies and enjoying my popcorn and milk duds and the movie would become very familiar to me, almost like deja vous... and then it would dawn on me that the movie was like a window into my brain and all of my thoughts would be played out on the big screen (with Cameron Diaz playing me of course) and I would not receive one royalty check in the mail and still be buying my designer labels at Plato's Closet (which is the greatest store in the world and if you do not have a Plato's Closet in your city... well you are missing out-but if you DO have one, drop what you are doing right now and go shopping!)


I decided that my thoughts aren't that earth shattering and I don't think anyone will steal them from my twitter... so I am twittering again, because sometimes I can't make a big ol' blog out of just thin air---although this one seems to be like a fart in the wind doesn't it?

So if you want to follow me and see what I am thinking at random times throughout the day-check it out... HERE

See ya there!


Urban Mom said...

When you are one your next round of Facebooking, come find me!


That One Mom said...

You always make me laugh. Thank you!

Uptown Girl said...

June Sixpack Cleaver, you are in big trouble with me missy. I do not tweet. I do not use twitter and avoid it on principle. But there you go tweeting... and as a regular stalker of your blog i will have to check your tweets. what are you doing to me!?

can i make a suggestion re: how you should live your life? thx. You should blog as if it is your own personal twitter. just post like 1 thought at a time thruout the day!

k, so just so its clear- i'm half mad at you right now bc i'm about to click on your link. bye.

Kelly said...

Ok, so I'm a total stalker and have now requested to "follow" you. I love how twitter calls it following someone. They call it like it is and it sounds just as creepy. But you know I love you and will enjoy all the wisdom from the Six-Pack I can get. Looking forward to your tweets. :)

powdergirl said...

I'm so totally on-board with Uptown G. on this that I don't even have to comment.

But I love to hear myself talk so I will.

I do exactly the same thing with FB, I started a twitter account once, then I realized that I was boring as hell, so I quit that too.

I only have a MS account so I can properly stalk Fly Navy.

But if you must, June, I suppose I'll hook back into twits, only for you my friend, only for you.

And thats only if I can figure it out again.

Jeez, again, I like UG idea, just blog tweets all day. That would be fun : D

rita said...

I've never even SEEN Twitter.com. I'm assuming there IS a Twitter.com. My CrackBerry took over my life while I was in a 3g network this summer for five whole weeks OMG it's the most amazing thing ever I could facebook day and night and NOT BE NEAR A COMPUTER.


I've resisted twitter because I have a hard enough time keeping up with blogs and fb, that and I don't get the whole tweet thing. But now I'm gonna have to go check your's out and see WTH is going on.

*heavy sigh*

Because I'm that kind of stalker.

Facebook--Rita Knits. Bwahahahaha. Only two non-family members know who I really am, so I can say anything I want and not get in trouble.

As long as Mom never figures out how to use fb.

FLYNAVY said...

Hey Miss Cleaver,

Haven't tweeted in months & checked my twitter/FLYNAVY this morning to follow u & discovered the USN has taken over my acct & added 5,000 followers/friends since I left the States, bummer, will have to come up with another catchy acct. handle....wonder if twitter/Obama is taken yet?

& I thought I had an MS acct. to stalk Powder....& post pictures to embarrass my kids.

Will check back when I get signed back up. & let me know if u need help posting pics to embarrass the kiddos.