Introducing a New Superhero... VartanMan!

This weekend I watched the movie "Never Been Kissed" with Drew Berrymore (who I lourve more than I louvre most) and Michael Vartan.

I love this movie-it is sweet and quirky and it makes me feel all ewwy gooey inside.


I love the ending-the way he almost doesn't make it to the ball field and the look of sadness on her face and then the look of joy when she sees him running down the stadium stairs, across the field and then he just walks right up to her and without a word takes her into his arms and kisses her.




That is a good ending kiss.

I never paid attention to this Vartan guy. I knew he was on Alias and I knew at some point in time he had dated Jennifer Garner-who is so normal looking that she is extraordinarily beautiful-but I never thought twice about him... until I watched this kiss again and thought, "Hmmm-he wouldn't make a half-bad Monday Swoon for the Swoonologists out there in the Six-Pack!"

So-I scoured the Internet late Saturday night and oooh'd and ahhh'd all in the name of "taking one for the team" and bringing these photogs to you... on Labor Day even! Looks like I louvre all of you too!

Oh Michael-why do you look so irritatingly perplexed? I only asked you to explain football to me and then explain why the Cleveland Browns have such ugly uniforms...

This right here is proof that all men at one point or another need to walk around with a black eye. Hello tough guy. A black eye works for men-it makes women say "Oooh... he was in a fist fight!" and also "Ooooh, I would really like to nurse his wounds back to health." If men only knew what was really going on in our heads-we would be in BIG trouble.

This look right here... every woman wants a man to look at her like this when she walks into a room. Every woman wants a man to stop mid-sentence and gaze at them as if their breath has just been taken away. Every woman wants piercing eyes to look directly into hers and tell her that she is beautiful without a word being spoken.
You didn't get that from this picture? Huh, must just be me.

Apparently Michael Vartan did not get that from the above photo either and he thinks it is pretty damn funny that women read so far into things when he was just looking at the clock on the wall above me when I walked in the room.



Oh well... Welcome to the Monday Swoon anyway VartanMan! May the Six-Pack be with you!


Anonymous said...

Some of your folks made a donation to this drive for Marines in Waheed, Iraq. I posted the link today and wanted to say thank you since I would assume they would be more likely to find it here than over at Hope Radio. Thanks for your support, C. www.hoperadio.blogspot.com

powdergirl said...

June, June, June,

If Michael's still looking at the clock when you walk into the room then he's just too freakin' stupid to be featured in The Swoon.

Its not like they have to be rocket scientists, buti t would be nice if they could tell a good lookin' chick from a clock. Duh.

Silly oblivious fool of a man.

Now Buzzy, he's way smahta than that : )

aileen said...

Michael Vartan is VERY swoon-worthy! Thank you for acknowledging him in all his beauty! I am a huge ALIAS fan. He's a big part of the reason! (Not that I'd admit that to my husband.) Watching Jennifer Garner get into her different disguises and kick butt is pretty darn fun, too! :)

Regina said...

You never fail to deliver June. I've had a hell of a day, but you put a smile on my face...thank you.

Judi Crider said...

I remember that movie. Put me in a wirlwind mood. Even though I am your old Aunt Judi. I would not kick him out of bed for eating crackers!!!!!!!!!!!
Love ya,
Aunt Judi

FLYNAVY said...

Miss Cleaver,

Yep, gotta agree with Powder [big surprise, huh?]. If Mikey has any red blood cells in his veins he'd take the pretty girl over the clock/anything else for that matter.

& Somebody give that guy a comb, did I miss the memo where it says it's cool not to comb ur hair, shine ur shoes, shave or go out in public wearing clothes uve slept in?

?It really is possible to be a "badboy" & meet women without looking like a slob, no? Someone please let me know so I can save 6 minutes every morning.


The Wannabe Redhead said...

It's like you read my mind...

...or have my house bugged. (Either way, I'm okay with it.)

I also watched "Never Been Kissed" this weekend, and all I have to say is he makes me giggle like a little school girl. I NEVER had teachers THAT hot in High School. (WTH?!?) Nope...all we had to look at was the the balding, middle aged divorcee who never had his shirt tucked in & apparently had some issues with phlegm & not using deoderant.


Thanks for the much-needed Swoon :)

Jess said...

I've had a crush on him ever since I first saw that movie. I always wondered why he wasn't in more movies. Now that he's made it to the swoon, I think he is finally Big Time.

Christine said...

So glad you are back. I just love this!

Melissa said...

He kind of looks like hunky Matthew. Go back to the top and look at the pictures of the two. Maybe thats why you like him! I think Matthew is beefier and in my book bigger is better!

Soliloquy said...

People say my husband looks like Michael Vartan. Well - when he was younger, in his Alias days.

I think it's a generous statement. For Michael. My husband is waaaaay hotter.

TheSeeker said...

And I watched it again last week.

Anonymous said...

Handsome, definitely handsome!
I remember that movie...it's a good one.
Aunt Barbara