Six Degrees of a Monday Swoon... Sort of.

I went to get my hair cut the other day. It needed it bad-when I see that I am wearing it in a pony seven days a week I know it is time to get my rear in gear and call my stylist.

I love my stylist-I do. She is trendy and hip and absolutely gorgeous, and she is a fairy godmother as well because she can make me go from frumpy to gaw-geous in no time with just a pair of scissors.

*that really is my stylist-she is that beautiful!*

Have I mentioned that she cuts my hair with the same scissors that have cut Chad Kroeger's hair?

I will pause so you can ooohhh and ahhhh.

When Nickelback was in town this past year she was called to do their hair and make up for the video they were filming and she ended up chillin' with the fellas.

When she told me the story I made her write a contract in blood with me stating that when they come back to town and she is called upon again, that she takes me along as her "assistant"

Speaking of Nickelback, did you know they are from Canada?

Many of my favorite rockers have come from Canada~

Brian Adams

Corey Hart

Jeff Healey also came from Canada-and he was in the movie Road House.

With Patrick Swayze.

Patrick Swayze was not from Canada, he was from Houston Texas

and we all know who is from Texas...

But, the main reason for this Six Degrees of Monday Swoon is none of the Swoonables above-it goes back to my hair stylist and the fact that when I was sitting in her "chair of magic" she had some rockin' tunes playing in the background.

It was Theory of a Deadman-who I louvre... and they are from Canada.

And Chad Kroeger gave them a record deal when Tyler Connolly gave him a demo tape at a concert.

And Tyler Connolly is obviously Irish.

So it all makes sense to me.


Urban Mom said...

I have to confess that I'm mildly confused... yet happy! Heck, if anything, the picture of Corey Hart from the 80's made me smile. I loved his stuff back in my formative years! =-)

U-Kid 1 is being a crabby student this morning, so thanks for the lift!

powdergirl said...

June"she's an international superstar" Cleaver,
See? It takes you to point out that its not only cold here in the North, its also cool.

That right, if you can't play hockey, you have to play a mean guitar, and thats just to get your citizenship.

Except me, of course, my hockey skills suck the big suck and I've only ever won 1 karaoke contest, but they let me live here because I'm just that cool.

Fun post superstar, and yeah, Texas puts out the sweet too.

Powder(um, sorry about the Canada geese though..)

Uptown Girl said...

I don't really have any idea who he is, but that Tyler Connolly is beautiful...
I followed the post, but thats prob just bc I am that scatter-brained too. And bc I got my hair did this wknd too, so we're obvi on the same waive-length. (get it- waive? length? hairstyles? haha, how corny am I?)

That One Mom said...

Makes total sense to me... You, stylist, Chad Kroger, Tyler Connelly... Got it! Keep up the good humor!

Layna said...

a beautiful swoon that makes complete sense. so happy to see that your blonde head is wired like mine. it makes so much sense i wonder why everyone is not as smart as we are? There i said it, blondes are smarter *giggle* ;-)

wankette said...

Not the first time I've sad it, won't be the last --

GIRRRRLLLLLLL, I *love* how your mind works!

wankette said...

Please to check out Wednesday's Hubba...it's not another bathtub boy, but how I wish it was him nekkid.