I Am A Freshman With A New Dress To Wear... Hear Me ROAR!

Do you remember homecoming when you were a kid? I do-I think I only went one year... maybe two. Okay, so maybe I DONT remember homecoming.

Which is why I don't see the big deal about homecoming now for my daughter, but because I know how important it is for a freshman to go to homecoming (we were not allowed to go to homecoming as freshmen) we have gone all out:



hair appointment with cut out magazine clipping of much desired hair style-check!

nail appointment-check!

"Can I have smokey eyes for homecoming mom?"-no check here, I am doing her make up and there will be no smokey eyes! Sweet, soft 14 year old eyes-check!

eyebrows waxed-check!

ticket-see, this is where we have run into a snag.

14 year old was going to homecoming with a small group of friends, two of which were from her parochial elementary school so I felt confident that they would be saying a rosary before dancing and grinding. A few boys had asked her to go with them and she had said "no" because, A) she did not like them "that way" and B) sometimes it is fun to say no to boys-it boosts the self esteem. Don't argue with that logic-you know it is true.

Well, last night at the homecoming football game my 14 year old decided that she did not like the way her "date" was treating her and told him to shove off...

So last night at 11pm I heard the story and found out that not only has the group changed a bit, but they have added two more kids to the festivities. Some of the players have changed, but the objective is still the same--wear a pretty dress and put make up on!!!!!
Lord help me...


That One Mom said...

Hahaha!! Welcome to high school, mom!!! Fortunately, I have 4 years left!!!

Urban Mom said...

But she told the Bozo Boy to shove off! I am beyond excited that she did that! She's sounds great -- she can find her own good time and doesn't need to put up with anything less than what she deserves.

Good job, June!

Rebecca said...

My high school homecoming was different. The only people who dressed up were the students in court for king/queen. It was just a dance in regular clothes after the game. Sounds like she will have a great time. Dates are overrated anyhow. Good for her for telling him to shove off.

Anonymous said...

Found your blog today, and I'm so glad! Your posts are so funny! I remember telling my homecoming date to "shove off" when I was a freshman in high school! I thought my mom would have a heart attack after all the money she'd spent on the dress/shoes/hair, etc...but in the end, I still ended up having a great time. Tell your daughter "way to go!" :)
~ Bethany

Christiana said...

I loved seeing you guys last night and it was definitely an age check seeing Hope go to homecoming!!!

I Love You so much!!
can't wait to hear all about her night!

FLYNAVY said...

Miss Cleaver,

Hope 14 yr old let the nice gentleman down easy. Some of us guys have tender egos @ 14. I usually was told off not in a nice way for being fresh, sometimes a slap thrown in for good measure & would usually either find another date for the dance or just go stag & dance with every princess there for spite. Glad I grew up & shed the badboy image, things might have turned out differently if I'd had some manners @ 14. Glad they didn't though.

powdergirl said...

June"she's a real good Mom" Cleaver,

I'm glad little miss C. has got the balls to say get lost to a bad date. I don't even begin to wonder where she gets that from.

A girl needs to pack a pair.

Sounds like fun though, dress shopping, hair nails and make-up. I love that shit. I don't care who you are, if you don't love that shit once in a while, you need to spend more time at the spa.

Just sayin'

Yeah, I do the make-up for all the nieces and assorted god-kid girls too, the smokey eye is the domain of the adult woman. You damn right!

Cathy said...

Me to my daughter yesterday,
"So, who all is in the group" (going to homecoming)
My daughter: "Me, Annie, Dan, Maddie, Joe, Maddie, Will..."
I realized there were five girls and five boys. It wasn't until then she fessed up that she was "going with" but "just as friends" the aforementioned Dan. She then confessed that he was buying her a coursage and she needed to get him one of those flower thingys. "A boutenniere?", "Yes, one of those."

Boutenniere ordered...check.

Heart palpitations for mom...check

rita said...

At my school, homecoming is now a formal affair and costs an arm and half a leg to get into. Me, never went to homecoming with a date. I was a little wallflower.

My daughter made up for it, though, by going to every homecoming and prom from the time she entered high school. Fun fun fun. And expensive.