My six year old cracks me up. She has the funniest sense of humor-it is dry yet silly-the perfect combination if you ask me.

It is this humor that has put her on a "behavioral chart" at school. Every day she comes home with a smiley face or a dot to let me know how her behavior was for that day.

This was her teacher's idea, and although I know her teacher is very proud of herself for thinking it up... I think it is rather tiresome.

I mean.... SHE IS SIX! Six year olds are supposed to be silly and loud and run around and hug each other and tell stories that last for 36 minutes without stopping to take a breath!

It is all part of discovering who they are... and my six year old is FABULOUS!

One day she came home with a dreaded DOT... and her explanation was "Mom, a kid challenged me and said that I wouldn't be able to stand on top of the toilet seat... so I did it, because she said I couldn't, and I did... seriously mom, that is why. I'm not kidding."

She also likes to use the word "BAM!" as in.... "I was telling Aaron a story about a little unicorn who skipped through the forest and then BAM!-the unicorn turned into a piece of poop." or "Hope said I couldn't get the dishes out of the top cabinet but I was all BAM! and showed her that I could do it. Sorry for the broken dishes mom."

Try "BAMMING!" someone today-it'll make you feel better. I promise.

Hope always likes to ask me to spell things for her (because she is spelling inept-no matter how hard she tries she forgets that "I comes before E" and blah blah blah...

Yesterday Hope asked me "How do you spell relief?" and Emma, who had been asking for a snack for the past 45 minutes (because dinner was an hour earlier) said "How do you spell 'can Emma have a snack?"

And I just laughed my ass off at that kid.

Because she makes me smile-and smiling is one of my favorite things to do!


Anonymous said...

ok.. i am laughing my ass off now.. great post! You get a "dot!"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making ME smile :~)

Amy said...

That was laugh out loud funny! Thanks for brighting up a boring Monday - I mean Tuesday!

powdergirl said...

Hey, I use "BAM' all the time in conversation.

Do you have any idea how proud I am to have that in common with your 6 yo?

I'll take all the dots you can give me.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

To quote the movie "Elf": "Smiling's my favorite!"

Uptown Girl said...

i too would like a snack.
Emma sounds like a quality character. you are a lucky mama!

Gina said...

My daughter is always coming up with the best stuff, too. This weekend she was making up a story and I told her she was pulling stuff out of her butt and she said, oh no - my butt is clear. BAM!

Aunt Barbara said...

Keith would come home with a blue chip and all was well. No chip and he had to go straight to his room. And we paid $60 an hour for that plan. The plan worked so I guess it was an investment in his future, that has paid off.
Aunt Barbara

Anonymous said...

It sure paid off for Keith. He used to climb my Christmas tree are our house on Xmas day. What a kid. Love all of them.
Aunt Judi

Michele said...

I laughed my ass off during this post as well. She sounds so much like my daughter, it's scary.

BAM... I love it!!!!

Aunt Barbara said...

Tell Hope that when we asked our dad how to spell a word he would look at us and say, "What, do you think I am, a dictionary? Look it up."
And he would hand us his dictionary.
The fact that he did it with love, made all the difference.
He taught us alot. We had grammar lessons and he taught us table manners at the dinner table every night. He was so proud of us when we went out to a restaurant (with white tablecloths)because we knew how to conduct outselves. (Just like your kids do...)
Thanks Dad!
Aunt Barbara

Counselormama said...

This is funny! My post today is about something my 6 y.o. daughter said, as well. Must be a good age for good blog material.

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