Experts Say That Women Speak Up To 20,000 Words A Day... And Their Point Is?

Once upon a time... the other day I was all alone-all day long. No kids, no friends, no family... just alone.

Then I saw my girlfriend and she had been alone all day as well...

And we kept talking over each other-telling each other about our day, our thoughts, our analysis of the most recent fashion trend of thigh-high boots, why we are amazed at the phenomenon that causes men to lose their leg hair where their socks are yet we still have to shave every other day for eternity, what the text message said that our second cousin twice removed sent us, why Oprah thinks she is hot-shit, who we think is hot-shit, then make general observations of women wearing cable-knit sweaters, recall our memories of wearing cable-knit sweaters in high school, laugh when we discover we both are wearing cable-knit sweaters again, and basically discuss why we do the voodoo that we do...

And we were happy again.

The End.


Urban Mom said...

I love how she starts looking at him when he starts laughing. It's a "hey, this is important, what are you laughing at" kind of look. She has things on her mind. Important things!

A few times, I've chatted for a moment with a woman with a baby, just a "oh what a cutie" kind of comment. Ten minutes later, I knew her life story. Since I've BTDT with being alone with a baby all day, I just kept up the chit-chat. A girl needs a dose of chit-chat now and then.

Christiana said...

I wonder what lovely girl introduced you to this video : ]

nope I'm not taking credit I love you!!! : ]

Anonymous said...

You are F*&!@ Fabulous!! I love your blog!!!



Michele said...

LMAO... I saw this vid a while ago on facebook. LOVE!!

Great post!!!
I always enjoy my time spent here on your site!

Aunt Barbara said...

Yep, back in the day when I would stop in to visit with Mary Purcell, she was so happy to see me because she had been talking to little people all day. She had 8 of them.
She enjoyed the adult conversation.
;) And I loved visiting with her.
Aunt Barbara