It's Okay... Tomorrow Monday Will Be Over!

It is a Monday after an action-packed weekend and I am pooped.

But I didn't want to leave you hanging for the Monday Swoon because I know how Mondays can be... especially after a action-packed weekend when you are pooped and don't want to go on.

When the alarm goes off at O'Dark-Thirty and you just want to smash it to little bits because it is MONDAY!


So-to get you through this day, even though I am pooped, I give you a man that could be your coffee in the morning:
Your reason for wearing perfume to the grocery store:
And I am willing to bet my life that he probably smells like a lazy Sunday afternoon nap.

If all of THAT didn't help boost your Monday and you want to just smile and giggle from the inside out-go here.
You are welcome!
Now get back to work!


Uptown Girl said...

oh how i love that man.
thanks June, you sure know how to brighten my day.

the Mom said...


Even better is the eye candy just for you over at my place. A little Matthew perhaps?

Why do I feel like I'm pushing crack here?

june cleaver said...

But Maria... wouldn't you consider that a beard?


Uptown Girl said...

I can't smell it from here.


Ginger said...

Guess I have to see that movie now. Thanks.

Stina said...

Just saw that Mr. Butler will be on SNL this weekend. Thought you might like to know.

wankette said...

Eh, I don't even care about the stories about him -- since I know we'll never be a couple, why should I? All I know is that he is on my orgasm speed-dial and he ain't comin' off anytime soon, pardon the accidental word humor there.
("orgasm speed-dial"!! anyone out there like to high-five me for that expression, or is it too late, because this was Monday's post, and it's Thursday now??)

june cleaver said...

So totally high-fiving you for the perfect play on words Wanks...


Gabriela Frei said...

Oh delicious, delicious Gerard! My sister named her laptop after him... she frequently spends late nights with Gerard :)