What Was I Going To Say?

I woke up with a great idea for today's post, but by the time I grabbed my laptop I completely forgot what I was thinking about. Foiled again by the morning hangover.


My bedroom has an "open plan" which is fancy talk for "the bathroom does not have a door" so anyone and their brother can walk in on you when you are stepping out of the shower. And can I just say that no bathroom door makes for a FREEZING cold towel off after a hot shower because there is nothing to hold all that warm delicious air in? Who ever thought of this "open plan" concept for bathrooms is an idiot. Seriously.


I am coming to you from the confines of my warm bed because it is cold out there people-I stuck my foot out from under my heavy down comforter just a millisecond ago and now I have frostbite. I am not joking. I love this time of year but I hate being cold, I don't understand why God wanted us to have cold weather. Is is to toughen us up? If that is so it is not working because cold weather just makes me a wimp and afraid to get out of bed in the morning. Wait a minute... does that mean I would not survive the "survival of the fittest" theory where the weak are killed off so that the strong hairy people can survive? Oh my Lord-


Why does it take the warm water so long to travel from the water heater in the basement to my shower up here? It is irritating. I turn on the shower, make my bed, toss my pj's in the hamper, grab my razor, rearrange the soaps, shampoos, conditioners and lotions on the ledge so they look pretty and weigh myself and the water is STILL cold. In the meantime I am standing around naked waiting for the water to warm up and having all of my children walk in on me because I don't have a door to my bathroom.


One thing I do LOVE about the chilly weather is sweatshirts. Yes. Sweatshirts offer me the ability to wear my size 4 jeans that give me massive muffin top and belly hang but no one knows because I have a sweatshirt on covering up all of my unfortunate body flaws. This may be the reason why I gain 10 lbs every winter because if I have a sweatshirt on I will eat all of my dinner and have dessert because the evidence will be hidden. I have 6 months until April when I start to panic about my muffin top and belly hang... I have to live it up while I can!


Sigh... well, I have procrastinated long enough. It is time for me to venture out into the cold and start my day. The 6 year old started her day at the crack of dawn because it is Saturday and she does not have to go to school and mom likes to sleep in a little on Saturdays so she has to do everything in her little loving power to make sure THAT does not happen. I'm so happy I am the mom of little people.




Anonymous said...

Why is it that children will fight to the death when you try to get them out of bed during the week but then on the weekends they are awake an hour earlier then they need to be during the week?? I think it's a conspiracy!

Michele said...

Great post (as always)
I totally love the cooler weather as well. Sweaters, jeans, and you dont have to shave your legs til spring!!! :)

What a great mom you are!!!
Love your blog,


Melissa said...

Did you say size 4? Maybe I should give this yoga thing a try. Way to go June!

Uptown Girl said...

I believe you have a teenage girl... isn't it her responsibility to take care of the kids when you are in the shower or sleeping in? As the oldest girl in a big fam, I know the jobs. You are doing too much work for a Saturday June. Put those kids to work and go back to bed with your pink superhero cape.

ps- what happened to the door?

june cleaver said...

Let me just say, that I louvre you all. I really, truly and honestly do.

powdergirl said...

I'm gonna have to suggest that you have 'chicken lamp' installed in that bathroom. And did they at least give you a heated tile floor? This is perfectly outrageous!

Really, get the chicken-lamp. Not a farmer? A chicken lamp is the lamp they hang in a chicken coop when eggs magically become hatchlings and are in danger of feezing to death. Of course the in-home versions are much more attractive and called something completely different that eludes me right now, but same concept.

I'm really hung-over too, so I hope that made sense.

june cleaver said...

I totally get you Powder... to-tal-ly!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

You need a robe, girlfriend. And a space heater in that bathroom. Ours DOES have a door, but considering my daughter walks in to "check on me" and then leaves said door open, it doesn't help much. We do have a built in wall heater. I'm going to start firing that mofo up before the showers.

Anonymous said...

have the same bathroom and HATE it. Cold, noisey, and just not right. Must have been a mans idea.


powdergirl said...

Glad to hear it : D

Now go thee forth and purchase said chicken lamp plus installer.

This is absolutely necessary to your continued well being and there are many who depend on you both at home and here in the webosphere.

wankette said...

I guess it's time to stop pouting and start gloating that I now live in a place where "cold" is defined as 76 degrees.

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Hi! New stalker here...I intended on just reading the first post and heading off, but I haven't been able to leave and next thing you know I'm at Homecoming.

Great blog! Found you through Finding Trinity!

rita said...

I feel your pain. I hate cold weather. I shouldn't because menopause hit me with a really big ugly stick and I'm hot all the time (wouldn't one think that oh, 12 years of menopause symptoms would be enough, especially since one's menopause has been proven to have ended by some scientifical test involving taking one's blood?)

Where was I?

Oh yeah. I hate cold weather. I'm so looking forward to June (the month; I look forward to reading your blog every day) ummmm....oh yeah. Look forward to moving to the Florida Keys in June.

I've decided that I will pepper my conversation with that phrase liberally in order to make it through the winter. And to make people jealous.

Pool party at my house in the Keys if we ever renovate it to the point that we can allow someone else to come in!

Definitely a man who invented the open master bedroom plan. No door = less effort on his part to pee.