Valentine's Day...

I'm sorry, but I do not have time to post today because it is a very busy day here at the Six-Pack.

First, in honor of Valentine's Day I dressed in black.

Second, I received flowers today, but I am not sure they are from my husband as they did not come C.O.D. and there were carnations in the arrangement. Everyone knows--especially my husband that carnations are not flowers. PLUS, the card was signed "Ward" so really... it could have been anyone, considering the flower guy had to call my house and check on my correct address as the flower giver gave him the incorrect one. Surely my husband knows where I live right? RIGHT?


Third, I am heading out to dinner with my little Valentines. We are going somewhere fancy and I have to brush my teeth even before we leave the house... trying to beat the rush at Red Robin.

Fourth, I have been invited to go to a movie tonight. My date is seriously good looking, and he has even offered to pay! He is taking me to see Paul Blart Mall Cop. I tell ya, the girl who gets him in the future is going to have one hell of a man... and I will be sure to remind her of that every chance I get so she will say things to him like "IT IS YOUR MOTHER'S FAULT WHY YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO CLEAN A TOILET!"

Fifth, I have a date sometime tonight between 9:30 and midnight. I will have to sit in front of my computer for two and a half hours waiting for my husband to Skye in. Once we see each other, the chances of getting knocked off-line no less than 100 times is great... but that is what you do for love, and I must see my Valentine today or my heart will break in a million little pieces and I don't know if I could take that... and I don't know if my husband could take another week of my attitude considering Valentine's Day is landing on the last day of my PMS week.

Which may explain the carnations.

Anyway... Happy Valentine's Day to you all! Remember what the Irish say, "A man is a man when his woman is a woman." I don't know what the hell that means, but it sounds really good doesn't it?




lolaberly said...

My husband reminded me that I should wear red today. I told him I would wear red if he did, knowing full and well that he didn't have anything red with him in Afghanistan. I felt so smart. ;)

I'm going to shamelessly point you in the direction of my blog right now, as I just had something hysterical happen to me. It might brighten your day..

Lisa said...

I love your blog. I just found it via who knows where, but I'm glad I did!! Happy Valentines Day!

Alicia said...

Oh, I know EXACTLY what that means!!! And I love the quote. Because only a real man can handle a real woman.

wankette said...

Oh come onnnnnn...I j'adore carnations! Really! They're pretty, they smell nice (if you get the real kind), and they take a long time to die..

Happy VDay, sweetie!

june cleaver said...

lola... doesn't your husband have red hair? I think you lost your argument.

Welcome to the insanity Lisa! Glad to meet ya~

Alicia... you are so smart.

Wank...I can't belive you like carnations. Have some self respect woman! they are fillers, I know this because I have taken a floral arranging class, along with underwater basket weaving.

Kasia said...

The only time carnations "work" are when you are getting 75 or more of them as a birthday gift for a 75-year-old-and-up woman.

We did that for our tante - she was talking about how her niece's kids gave her niece 50 roses when she turned 50, but hel-LO, they live in Germany, where flowers are cheaper! So on her 90th birthday, we gave Hilde 90 carnations (pink and white). It still wasn't cheap, but considering that the oldest of us was barely out of college and the youngest in high school, I think it was an OK gift. (She liked it, anyway.)

BTW, June, I went through some really awful spam to find your comment. It took three pages before I realized I could do a "find on this page". Do I have to go to Confession for the stuff I read? :-p

Kasia said...

And June, I will be e-mailing you later...we have a little "thank-you gift" for you. :-)

wankette said...

June, June...they made a comeback in the early aughts.
Plus -- you know me, never a follower of the crowd.

Laurence Olivier gave a whole armload to Joan Fontaine on their wedding day in "Rebecca"! Reason enough to adore them forever.

I will not be swayed.

(National Carnation Growers, my email is gutette@yahoo.com...I'm open to an advertising deal in exchange for the flowers!!! I blog with lots of hairy smelly men who all have women to buy for!)

the Mom said...

I sent out pictures of St Valentine's skull in a box for Valentine's Day along with the caption "'Cause nothin' says I love you like a little Valentine."

Three people got it and laughed hysterically and forwarded it on to everyone they knew. The other 15 called my husband and asked him if he knew how seriously demented his wife is. He smiled and laughed and then confessed he didn't get it.

It was a long night, and not the good kind.