Okay, so you know the post just below this one? The one where I went crazy this morning and ended up with a clean, spotless, shiny house?

Yeah... That didn't last.

Have you seen this commercial?

I hate this commercial. I hated this commercial before today, but now, I hate it even more.

My son did this today. After my house was perfectly clean and the kitchen floor was just washed. He did this! With orange soda no less!

Can you believe it???

I think the mother in this commercial should be shot. She makes all of the mothers like me feel like a horrible person when instead of saying her line of "Jimmy what's wrong with you?" and then gleefully spraying her boy down with the water hose, I say "WTF Jimmy?" to my son and then rant and yell for the next 45 minutes.

You don't understand... orange soda was everywhere... on the floor, the counter, the cabinets, the blinds (which are fabric thank you very much) and the stack of important tax documents that I need to send off to my accountant so that I can get a GREAT BIG CHECK from the government!

All drenched in orange soda.

Orange soda is sticky. It is so sticky that one swipe with a paper towel will not get the stick up. I will not successfully be rid of the stickiness until 2014.


On a positive note, my children have given up soda for the rest of their lives. Their dentist will be so happy.



Jess said...

I hate this commercial, too. No mother would be that calm if her kid made that big of a mess. I doubt a paper towel is the first thing I'd reach for if I saw my kitchen in that state.

Sagey said...

You think you smell Orange Soda but I think I smell a frivolous law suit... did you get documentation of the incident? ;-)

Musings of the Mrs. said...

Oh Gosh! That is terrible. At least you got to enjoy a clean house, for what...an hour, 2? (BTW, my mother would have put me in the basement and made me clean it if I did such a thing. I am sure of it).

Layna said...

Find out what the mother was taking! obviously she's dilusional for a pharmaceutical reason - and I would like some! Lent is going to be long and painful, for others in my family that is. Momma gave up the wine. Daddy gave up yelling. Oh yeah quiet and sober. he who runs out screaming first loses!

Paula said...

I love this commercial...it always reminds me of when we were small and one of threw a "small" amount of water on our mom. She lay in wait outside with the water hose....we ran into the house and she came in right behind us. Imagine our surprise when she soaked us right there in the house...then we all cleaned it up. It was hilarious and a memory of my mom I will never forget. RIP Mom!

Nicole said...

Oh you are SO funny!
I needed a laugh and I came to the right place!
p.s. Serves them right, no pop forever!!!!!!!!!!!

Rob said...

bwhahahaah....that's great.

hey at least it wasn't your beer.

want to get him back? do you have one of those spary hoses the chick in the commerical uses? if so rubberband the triger so its depressed and then ask your son to go get you a glass of water, he'll get blasted right in the face....i love doing that to DW

Floyd R. Turbo said...

June... I got a couple of cans of kid-sized whup-ass to send your way if you need 'em (depending on the age of the kid).

Lisa said...

Could have been red wine and then that would have been the worst crime of all.

Cousin Steve said...

When I was young, my sisters decided to lock me out of my room and started taunting me through an open window. I want you to know that my dad had recently remodeled the room. New carpet, paint ect. So there I am standing in the back yard, staring at my sister holding up my stuff and yelling at me. My better judgment slipped, I was only six. I picked up the hose, and started spraying, right through the window. They were running around screaming, I was showing them. Dad came out the back door like he'd been shot out of a cannon. I don't remember if the storm door survived. But by the grace of God, I did. I am still nervous when I touch the hose today.
I know it had nothing to do with orange pop and a kitchen. That video just reminded me of this.

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

I just cleaned chocolate milk up off the CEILING this morning. Except I have to confess, it was my fault. I got *upset* and threw the cup. Chocolate milk is also sticky, and flies everywhere.

TheFiveDays said...

AAAARRRGH! They are lucky to have only given up soda for life after that one! I am so sorry you had to deal with that...after the week it appears you have had!


Traffic Cop Timmy said...

"No mother would be that calm if her kid made that big of a mess."

Yes, because we all know that commercials are forever rooted in reality. But I'm sure it's the orange soda talking.

Urban Mom said...


I'd be in jail if it were my kid. Good on ya for your restraint.

My guess is that this'll be one of the Family Stories that gets told for years to come.