Holy Cow! Hell Must Be Freezing!

Okay, so how many times have I mentioned Cousin Steve on this blog? That many eh? If you google him you will see...

I have been after my dear cousin for AGES to:

A) Run for President (pfft, I bet he is wishing he took my advice on that one right now.)
B) Start his own blog
C) Be a guest blogger on my blog

Well, finally... after like 37 years of knowing him (he will argue that he has only known me for 36 years and 11 months... but whatever) he has decided to listen to me.

The only other time he listened to me was when I told him there was a sale on ice cream at the car dealership and he came home with a new truck.


Do me a favor and go visit his new blog. He is a hoot--keep visiting him because he promised to send me a quarter for every person I send to his blog.

Cousin Steve Just click it... you know you want to.


Cousin Steve said...

I am still planning on running for president!

lolaberly said...

Your lover (Edward) is on the Oscars!

---Insert squeals here!!--- ;)