When Was The Last Time You Brushed Your Teeth...

Aaron: "Mom, I have a tooth that hurts."

Me: "Well... let me call Dr. Kiki THE DENTIST!"

Aaron: "What is she going to do to it?"

Me: "DRILL! SCRAPE! DRILL some more!"

Aaron: "WHAT?"

Me: "It won't hurt... she'll give you a SHOT in your gums before she starts."

Aaron: "WHAT?"

Me: "Oh, don't worry... it only hurts for a second. It will feel like a BEE STING to start with, but it will go numb eventually."

Aaron: "NUMB?"

Me: "Well, yeah. Hopefully it will go numb before she starts DRILLING." Now THAT would hurt."

Aaron: "WHAT?"

Me: "Well, sometimes dentists are busy and they can't get to you right away so they give you a SHOT in your gums and then leave the room. You hope they aren't doing an EXTRACTION in the next room because if that is the case your numbness will definitely wear off and you will have to get another SHOT! But she won't know that until she starts DRILLING and you cry out in pain."

Aaron: "I feel sick."

Me: "I bet you wish you had brushed your teeth all those times I reminded you to and you decided not to don't you?"

These are life lessons I am teaching here people... LIFE LESSONS!


Wendy said...

nothing like a pathological fear of a the dentist...lol

Gotta love those life lessons.

Lindsay said...

Now that's just plain mean...

...I love it!

Delilah said...

I just want to tell you that I LOVE this blog!!! My sister turned me on to it. I think it is great!! Keep up the good work!!

Jud said...

I am 39. My dentist is my age and old friend. And he is a sadist.

You gave me the willies with your description of the dentist. I relived the time last week when I had to have a filling replaced. Ouch, June!

Stina said...

Now that was Mom of the Year material! Keep up the good work!

And definitely digging the Leppard...

Anonymous said...

Came across your blog awhile bag and absolutely love reading, what I think and feel ALOT OF times. Keep up the great work