Pope Here... Get Your Pope Here!

Tomorrow the Pope is saying Mass at the Washington Nationals Stadium. Since this is usually a Major League Baseball stadium I am sure they will get rid of all of the baseball vendors yelling things like "BEER! GOT YOUR BEER HERE!" or "HOT DOG! GET YOUR HOT DOG!" and even "POPCORN! POPCORN HERE!"

But I wonder if there will be Vatican Vendors chanting things like "WINE... WINE HERE!"

I'm just thinking out loud.

(This one if for you Aunt Barb-Happy Birthday!)


Sierrahome said...

Actually they will be shouting "B"...3--"O" 73..."I"..12.

Rob said...

Indulgences! Get your Papal Indulgences Here!

Um...I'll let ya know. my bride and some of the tribe are going to it.

Wendy said...

Do you think the lines to ladies will be better? lol

Kasia said...

Yeah. Wish they had had the vendors; Canuck and I stood in line for over an hour only to find out that they still had hot dogs but were out of buns.

Long story. There will be blogging.

Matthew S said...

Actually they were shouting:
"Water, get your cool clear River Jordan Water"
Water, get you coolr clear River Jordan Wa--ahhat?" "Wine, get your Wine, just turned into Wine from Water!"

Anonymous said...

This blog is the bomb! (I've been watching too much Idol)
And thanks for the birthday shout out. Tonight is dinner at Olive Garden to celebrate Untle Chut's and my birthdays. Wish your mom could join us. The reason for the delay in the celebration involves pulled muscles...such a boring story, I will spare you.
Aunt Barbara