Over The Shoulder Boulder Holder Luggage...

Yesterday was my friend Eileen's birthday. She is a whopping 44! She is doing well-doesn't even have to wear adult diapers yet.

We went to breakfast after Mass yesterday and everyone was sitting around the table talking about the good old days-back when the wheel was invented and the men folk came running home grunting about fire. Boy did that one backfire-now us women folk are always around a fire cooking for the men folk. Those men always discover things that will go down in history as GREAT, but screw us women at the same time. It is like when they lose their car keys and blame it on their wife.

Anyway, we were talking about what gifts we received when we graduated high school. Eileen's parents gave her a typewriter for graduation. Her 13 year old daughter had to ask what a typewriter was. She couldn't believe that people actually LIVED with such things at one time. She then asked if her mother had indoor plumbing.

I am significantly younger than my friend Eileen. I mean... significantly. When she asked me what the big gift was at the time of my graduation I said:


Of course my parents didn't get me boobs. They bought me luggage. I guess it is the same, they both make your back hurt after a day of carrying them and men will always offer to hold them for you.


momto5minnies said...

LOL on your last comment.

I have heard of some families doing the "boob" gift. I just think that is wrong. Not that I have a problem with boob jobs (I could use a new set), but from your PARENTS?

I also got a typewriter and a lovely piece of jewelry that is buried somewhere in my house.

Many of my friends have been discussing the cost of higher education. With that in mind who can afford a graduation gift?

Hilary said...

So that would make yours a.. luggage rack?

Cris said...

A luggage rack... hahahahahahahaha

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