Who Really Reads This Anyway??

Earlier today I wrote a very witty blog and it just happened to be about someone that I know. I did not mention any names and I did not mention any specifics, but I took a situation that they were in and I put my own funny spin on it. I reread it and laughed-it was that good.

A few hours later I received a phone call from my husband telling me that he knew who I was talking about and he had actually given said person the address to this blog. Great-Grand-Crap!

So, I had to delete it. I was sad and a little angry. Just why am I writing this blog if I have to constantly censor it... besides, who really reads this anyway.


Kasia said...

Dude - I would totally miss your blog if you deleted it.

I understand though. My blog recently was discovered by one of my crazy relatives, and now I'm paranoid about what I write about anyone.

Anyway, I hope you don't decide to stop blogging. Why'd your husband tell 'em about the blog anyway? ...well, probably because he was proud of you and how smart and funny you are. But anyway. ;-)

Sigh. Here's to anonymity, eh?

Biddy said...

oh i so agree! if you can't be yourself on your blog where the hell can you be!? i used to censor because i didn't want to offend anyone. then i was like "wait, this is MY blog...I'll do whatever i want!"

Jennifer Playgroupie said...

Thank goodness for Google reader! Glad I got to read your deleted post anyway! Good lesson.

And how irritating of your gross husband. He needs to keep his nose out of your bloggy business :)!

AuburnGalAlways said...

I got to read it too! Yay me!

Write what you want. If they choose to read it, then they need to be ready to face how others perceive them and deal with it.

And I'd totally withhold sex and boob peeks until he agreed to not tell anyone else about your blog ever again. That'll learn him!

WAHMs Motivated Forever! said...

I'm reading your blog right now! You're funny! Good attitude! I loved your Father's Day write up! Very touching.