What Happens in Gettysburg... Stays in Gettysburg

My husband and son just drove out of the driveway for a weekend trip to Gettysburg. The girls and I opted to stay home. As soon as the truck turned out of our street... I did a little dance in the front yard-in my pj's-with no bra on.

I love my husband-but he can drive any sane woman crazy from time to time. Being in the military, I have grown accustomed to him leaving and giving me free reign over the household. I miss him... but I am thankful for the freedom. I am sure he feels the same (although, who in the world will pick up his underwear from the floor!!?)

So this weekend it is just the girls. Look out world! Who knows what we will do! I see good movies in our future and shopping... and cereal for dinner. It is all very exciting.

Thank God for this little "break" from our regularly scheduled lives.


Toni said...

Hope you have a great time!♥

kristi said...

I always enjoy a little break from the hubs too!