Warning... He Has A Brain And He's Not Afraid To Use It

Hope and Aaron are going to school this year... that is right, I am no longer homeschooling them. Part of me is sad and the other part of me is flipping thrilled! Don't get me wrong, I loved homeschooling my kids and I am still homeschooling Emma this year, but just the thought of waking up every day and not having to explain Algebra for 2 hours in the morning makes me want to do a happy dance. Yes, yes, yes, I am aware that my children will be spending the same amount of time on their homework as they did in an entire day of homeschooling but I am OK with that. I don't feel as much pressure with homework as I did with all the responsibility of educating my children being solely on my shoulders. Now I feel like I have help... help in the form of paid brilliant teachers! YEAH!

I am starting to feel a wee bit guilty about thrusting my children at poor, unsuspecting, innocent teachers. Just yesterday Aaron asked me if he will get in trouble if he were sent to the Principal's office. I told him that he would get in trouble and I would not think it was funny at all if he took after his mother and thought it was funny to torture poor Sister Rose Ellen. I don't care how many singing math equations he has to memorize.

Then I started to get curious. I asked Aaron if he really thought he could behave in a manner that would merit a trip to the Principal's office.

He said that no, he did not think he would be a bad kid... but he was worried about what would happen if he knew more than the teacher.


I asked him to explain and this is what he said, "Well Mom, say I know more about a subject than the teacher does and she is telling it to the class all wrong and then I cannot control myself and I have to correct her... right there in front of the entire class. I mean, what if she doesn't know ANYTHING? Will I be sent to the Principal's office for being smarter than my teacher?"

Oh, his poor poor teacher. Welcome to my world lady... welcome to my world.


Barb, sfo said...

My older son did just that, this past year. He was in an honors US History class, and had just returned from a Boy Scout trip to Gettysburg where certified tour guides taught them all about the battle, and then his teacher proved himself misinformed.
He didn't get in trouble and wound up with an A for the class.
It's all in the delivery, I guess...

BusyBeeMama said...

My younger sister did this all the time to her poor teachers. She just couldn't help herself. The idea of someone being taught wrong drove her nuts and she would just raise her hand and say something like "Well actually....." It drove the teachers insane, but she graduated with great grades and in just a few weeks is going to be starting at the college of her dreams so I guess it paid off in the end.. that or they just wanted her gone ASAP so did whatever they had to inorder to make sure she passed with flying colors so they could be sure she would be at least a few hundred miles away when she went to college LOL

Cousin Steve said...

Boy, oh boy! Aaron's teacher is a "lucky bastard"!!!

Anonymous said...

At first I was intimidated by Aaron asking questions he already knew the answers to, but I have learned other kids do this too. They want to share their interest in sports, hobbies, Civil War etc. Teachers hopefully know how to encourage his gifts. If not Grandma will come and take them out for a beer!

June's MA

P.S. Cousin Steve, watch your mouth or I will tell Aunt Barbara. I have connections in NWI.

Anonymous said...

OK Steve,you can tell Aunt Barbara and I will tell you dad.
Anut Judi Hi Cris.

Soliloquy said...

Okay. DYING to hear how this goes!!!

We've homeschooled for seven years and are spending this year building a bridge to traditional school - that is, taking classes outside of home.

I'm ready. Ready for someone else to be in charge!!


Anonymous said...

And just what the he** am I to do about Cousin Steve's mouth? I tell ya he's Irish, it runs in the family! Maybe if I tell him that if he is good...I will give him the McD stuff I bought him at Biddy Murphy's in South Haven, MI.
Yeah, that will straighten him up!! Ya think? Nonsense he's getting the stuff anyway!
Aunt Barbara

Anonymous said...

Oh man....I so love this!! In 2nd grade, my daughter had a teacher that couldn't spell. My daughter would correct her....in 2nd grade!! It's quite sad. And now I'm homeschooling and I'm talking about punctuation and she's telling me that the teacher told her NEVER put a comma before the word "but". UUMMMM Excuse me....compound sentence requires a comma. And this was a Catholic private school, not the public school she was in for 2nd.

I can't possibly do THAT bad!! LOL Can I??