Do You Really Need Algebra To Balance Your Checkbook?

I came to a startling realization today. As I sat at the kitchen table and looked over Hope's Algebra homework, by question 4 I had to ask her to fetch me my calculator... and quick! I used to think I was good at math-I even thought that I had inherited my Grandpa Mac's mathematician mind... but I was wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong.

The one thing missing was the Teacher's Manual for Algebra.

Schools should really hand those out to parents. It would make helping your child much easier... that way your kid does not think you are math inept and can barely balance a checkbook.

Between you and me... homeschooling was much easier.

#1 I had teacher manuals that gave me all of the answers making me look like a GENIUS.

#2 We didn't have to wake up at O'dark thirty in order to get dressed, eat breakfast, drive to school, wait for 20 minutes in the drop off line, and wait 30 minutes to maneuver out of the parking lot.

#3 We could do school in our pj's.

#4 We could do school when we were sick laying on the couch under warm blankets and hot tea by our side.

#5 There was no homework.

#6 There was no homework.

#7 Did I mention that there was no homework?

But we love school... we really do. It makes life easier... it really does. You believe me right?

In other parts of my life... have you ever gone to a School Fundraiser at a restaurant? The kind where all of the families in the school go to a certain restaurant and your school gets part of the money that you spend? These are great aren't they? Especially when you go to a Catholic School where all of the families have no less than 4 kids each and they are all running around rampant at the local pizza joint. It is enough to drive a woman who is trying to remember Algebra over the edge.

Thank God pizza joints serve beer. Beer is good... by the end of dinner I was saying "Children? What children?" Oh... and I may have said "Algebra? What do you need Algebra for? You'll never use it again-I promise!"

Stupid beer at the pizza joint. At least the school will be able to buy a few new computers with my bar tab. Score!


B.A. Kemple said...

As someone who was homeschooled through middle and high, I must say - until I got old enough to steal the teacher's manuals and pretend I had done my homework - that it was a superior education. Mostly because of that not-getting-up-super-early thing. 9:30 start, 1:30 stop.

Soul Pockets said...

My kids will be homeschooled this tear. They have previously attended a Catholic school. One of the things I LOVE about HS is the teacher manual. Now I don't have to say, "ummm you can finish your homework when your dad gets home."

I agree, if the kids are in school give the parents a break and send home a dang manual!

Alicia said...

You know, I was thinking the very same thing the other day. All those advanced math courses I took in high school--algebra, calculus, trigonometry. They do me no good now. Now I'm lucky if I can multiply primary numbers without a calculator.

Debbie said...

I can't begin to understand my kid's high school math. Now why in the world did they come up with new math? Weren't we all doing fine with what we knew many years ago?
And also, isn't it great that we Catholics can drink and be ahppy about it? I'm in the Bible belt and so many of my neighbors just don't have that wonderful outlet.

Anonymous said...

when did they put all of those letters in math?!

AGSoccerMom said...

Our school does this with the local carwash and our local coffee house. Not anywhere I could get my hands on some alcohol. bummer

Anonymous said...

This is our first year homeschooling and we LOVE it!! Love jammie day!! Love no homework!! I do dread the day we start algebra (she's in 5th grade now), but thank goodness for the manual!! LOL

She did 2 years at a Catholic schools. I was 1st VP for a year of it. Can I just say that I do NOT like fundraisers!!

heidi said...

Ah yes, we just sent our girls back to PS this year, too. The getting up early and getting dressed thing is tripping us up a bit. Luckily no one has had any homework I can't yet grasp. Of course, since I'm not smarter than a 5th grader and my oldest is in 4th, I'm sure it's coming soon.