The Sound Of Freedom...

All of my life I have been the person with connections. I have met important people, shook hands with high rollers, partied with rock stars, schmoozed with supermodels, dined with political powerhouses, and may have even slipped my phone number to a Chicago Bear or two (Brian Urlacher if you are reading this, it's too late. I'm happily married)... so it was a little strange for me to have to rely on my little sister's connections with a few of the Thunderbird Pilots in order to get some great photos for my kid.

My sister Claire is in town. She is married to a F-16 pilot. I introduced them. They fell in love thanks to me. Anyway... the F-16 world being as small as it is, her husband is friends with a few of the Thunderbirds. Our friend Steffie is in town as well. When Steffie found out that Claire personally knew a few of the pilots she started running for the front of the line. She may have even plowed over a kid or two to get to meet these guys. I don't know why. It is not like they are good looking or anything.

I don't know what this guys name is... but does it really matter? If you know who this is please comment. I wonder if his wife reads my blog. If you are his wife and you are reading my blog please comment and tell us all about how your husband likes to take long walks along the beach and gaze into your eyes for hours by the fire.

Do you think they make their flight suits special for them? They sure do fit nicely.

I am actually taking a photo of the plane behind him... he is just in the way. See how he was laughing? I was telling him a joke. Military men like it when women are witty.
He looks a little like my husband don't you think? Only my husband is better looking... and I'm not saying that because he reads my blog because he can't read my blog while he is deployed because my blog is blocked! Can you believe that? Apparently I am too racy for some countries that shall remain nameless. Whatever. I don't know where they are getting their information because there is nothing racy about this site.

Nothing at all.


Mau said...

Oh, they have to have those flight suits custom made. My hubby doesn't look anything like that in his "bag"!

Hang in there June, I'm praying for you!

Kasia said...

Love it!!!

(You and Mary totally bury Brangelina. Way cuter.)

I can't believe they have your blog blocked!!!!!

Wendy said...

Wow! Hot!! Thanks for the warm up. lol

Your blog is banned? Too funny. I think everyone should be allowed to grab Brad's stuff equally. But that's just how I was raised.

Nine (+) Texans and friends... said...

Men in flight suits are a near occasion of sin. Men in custom made flight suits.....fuhged about it!

Urban Mom said...

Oh my, and here I had finally collected myself after this weekend's Air Show here in Chicago. The Thunderbirds come every other year (the Blue Angels were here this year). It's my favorite weekend of the year, and the Urban Dad puts up with me wonderfully. Even when I look at him during the show and ask, "so can we get *you* a flight suit?" Patient, that one.

Looks like you held it together during your photos. I'd have drooled stupidly and forgotten to take any pictures at all!

momto5minnies said...

Very fine to look at ;)

Even if you didn't have the connection ... you have your peeps to help you out.

I really like that Keith Urban song "Stupid Boy"

Laura said...

Flight suits.
Enough said.
(Not really.)
Flight suits
- needed to say it again.
I read your posts for the articles.

michele said...

I love your blog. I randomly happened upon it and you have me laughing OUT LOUD. Thanks!

Lanxi said...

I just wanna know if you would have been so bold with the real Brangelina. (If you say yes, then I will have to give you prestige status on my blog or something)

Soliloquy said...

I'm so grateful for your sacrifice for our country. Thinking about you while your man is on the other side of the world kicking ass.

I gave you a Kick Ass Blogger award at my place.


Alicia said...

Hi! I stumbled over to your blog from She Just Had To Say It. Nice to "meet" you. Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog.

And by the way. I love your headline up there about how alcohol leads to pregnancy. I know exactly how true that is, first-hand. Actually it was more like the 2nd and 3rd times. Apparently, I'm a slow learner.

Shauna said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! Soliloquy sent me here through her award....and I just love you.

And that is one hot pilot too. Yum.

JTK said...

I really enjoy your blog and your cutting sense of humor. You have my prayers for you and your family. And now I know what I need to meet more girls: a flight suit. Ah HA!

Regina said...

yeah, those are slightly different than the AF 'bags' as mau said.
we have a college buddy who flies F-15's...i wonder if he has any connections.


~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

...excuse me while I wipe the Coke from my screen...
THAT is OUTLOUD GUFFAW funny stuff girl!
Glad Soliloquy sent us all over. And so very glad to be able to say a personal Thank you very much for your fam's sacrifices for us!
Just curious, are the wax people anatomically correct?

momto5minnies said...

I'm sure you've been awarded many things, but if you feel compelled to stop by my blog there is another AWARD for your brilliance!

Anonymous said...

#3, Kirby Ensser. He was a student of mine in pilot training at Sheppard.

Anonymous said...

We're an Army family....about to retire!! All the best to you and I've truly enjoyed your blog. Isn't amazing they can get shot at, but can't read the wife's blog?? Go figure!! I wish you and yours all the best!!