I Love You VH-1...

In a time when writers are on strike and ultimately the economy will suffer because of the lack of new programming for viewers to watch, I have to stand up and cheer for channels like VH-1. The sheer genius of television shows that they put on not only stimulate the brain, but also compel a person to feel better about themselves, and ultimately feel better about humankind as a whole.

The other night as I was reading a magazine (because there was nothing on television except for American Gladiator), I came across the most wonderful news I had heard since Carl told me he installed an extra pulse on the shower massager.

Brett Michaels is once again looking for his Rock of Love and Chachi Arcola is no longer single but married and pregnant!!!!!!

Contain you excitement. I know it is hard to control yourselves. When I read that they will BOTH be premiering new shows on January 13, I about pee'd myself. I jumped for joy and declared that there really is a God who is sick and tired of watching boring reruns like the rest of us. A God who not only likes bad reality television shows about washed up 80's icons who still think they are too hot to handle, but also a God who really loves women like me who still rip off their bra and toss it at the television screen as the mere glimpse of Brett Michaels in a cowboy hat with his tight jeans and pouty lips.

I don't know about you, but I will be firmly planted in front of my television with my hair spiked and my bandannas wrapped around my wrists (sadly, when I was a teenager I was able to wrap my bandannas around my thigh... they don't make bandannas like they used to.)and my frosted eyeshadow on. I may even pull out my leather pants for the occasion.

Yes 80's Rock fans... there is still hope. Enjoy!


Momto5Minnies said...

My husband made me sit and watch that Gladiator show for a little while ... so, so cheesy. I am fairly sure there is some steroid use happening there.

I can just envision your look. I was a bit more preppy in the 80's, but I did live with a sister who I think still has not left the 80's ... frosted shadow, flourescent fake nails, blue eyeliner and mascara, and heavy lip gloss. Thankfully some of the 80's style is sort of back. Now I can stand next to her and not be totally embarrassed ;)

I'll have to check out some of that mindless television. I bet it will be a crack up!

the Mom said...

I find a pregnant Scott Baio oddly disturbing and yet hot at the same time.