Abercrombie and Fitch Stole My Money!!!

A few weeks ago I bought my niece a gift card from Abercrombie and Fitch. I have never really gone into the store because, a.) I am not a size 0 and b.) I am not uber rich. I always get my niece a gift card because she stopped wearing those "If You Think I Am Beautiful, You Should See My Aunt" t-shirts I always sent her... whatever.

When I called my sister to let her know what I had purchased, she told me that she does not allow her daughter to shop there... and that I should not shop there either. Her reasons were pretty valid-whether it be because of the soft-porn like catalogs they distribute or the fact that they market tee shirts with slogans exalting drunkenness and associated sexual behavior. T-shirt slogans include: "I Drink Irresponsibly," "Friends with Privileges" and "Cunning Linguist."

Sooo, I decided to take the gift card back and get my cash returned.

No dice.

It is store policy that they do not give you your money back from a purchased gift card even if you have the receipt. No where on my receipt does it tell me that I can not get my money back with receipt. They won't even give it back to you if you protest for 30 minutes straight. They won't even give it to you if you tell them they are stealing your $25 because they will not return it. They won't even give it to you when you tell the store manager (who is all of 22 and a size 2) that you will never shop there ever again and you are telling everyone you know that they should not shop at this snobby establishment. (I don't think she really cared if me, a 35 year old, slightly chubby woman wearing Levi's and a Bear's sweatshirt would never shop there again.)

Eventually, after I had all of the employees arguing with me over my $25 (It was like a bad teen movie) I decided to leave before they called security and I would end up on Fox News being interviewed by Greta Van Susteren about being tazered by a part time security guard wearing comfortable shoes and with ketchup on his lip, while my baby was in the Bjorn and my 10 year old son looked on.

When we left my son told me that the store manager had her fly unzipped. I said "Why didn't you tell me that! I could have turned and with a stern finger pointed at her said "You'll regret this! XYZ PDQ!"

So I am sending out this warning... do not shop at Abercrombie and Fitch. They are not nice. They have no customer service, and they all need to eat a Big Mac or something. Seriously. Like Totally.


Star Molegraaf said...

Total Amen!

Momto5Minnies said...

They really have shirts like that ... GROSS.

I don't like that store either. I can't even walk into it because the music is way too loud. When I shop with my kids I do not want to be yelling at them (without a real reasono to).

Although my nephew is the first features skier on their profiled site ... http://www.abercrombiekids.com/kids/lifestyles/html/profiled.html

Jen said...

Well, not that you'd like to condone anyone else shopping there either, you could probably sell it on Craigslist pretty easily. I have a friend who has gotten rid of unwanted gift cards that way. So at least you won't be out the money.

Karla E said...

Did you pay for it with cash? Maybe they'd refund to your credit or debit card? The language on most gift cards just says that you can't REDEEM it for cash.

Peggy Sez.. said...

HEY! I too am/was/are wearing levis and a Bears sweatshirt! We shan't dicuss the chubby part(I'm sensitive that way)just that chubby does apply.Now that I have introduced myself,I promise not to evah shop at that digusting place!

Cris said...

Peggy, You wear Bear's sweatshirts? Well then, we are friends... all the better if you drink Heinekin.

biodtl.diaryland.com said...

If you can't get your money back, don't want to use it and don't feel up to the hassle of selling it, you could donate it. Many women's shelters like to take gift card donations for Christmas so they can distrubute them to the women to be used for their Christmas shopping. Rather than feeling like accepting charity, it empowers the women to be able to do their own shopping.

I don't know if there is anywhere near you that does it, but we have some here, so it's worth a google search.

Karla E said...

Hey, I'm having a little online argument with the A&F Customer Service "person"...because I was interested to hear their official policy, and I'm always up for a good argument with an idiot. I can email the dialog if you want it...I'm not making any head way, but it's fun. My email address is karla_ebert@yahoo.com

chestertonian said...

AC & Filch is Satan's clothing store. It takes a lot of moxie to promote anexoria and teen promiscuity at the same time. No, wait a minute, that's what all the stores do now.

Well AC & Filch is still Satan's clothing store.

Rachel said...

I hear choirs of angels singing right now.
Abercrappy and Filth... yep, not so much.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. We've never shopped there and looks like even more reason to skip the place by. Thanks!! O;)

Alis said...

Just some other reasons to NOT shop at A & F!

Terry Nelson said...

I'll take the card! I love A&F - they have the best music - I bet you really didn't want to leave the store!

Anonymous said...

Do you have the guts to get someone to use your card that's shopping there already and give you the cash?

Mikeymoose said...

Okay, I work at abercrombie, not Abercrombie & Fitch.
For one, if your niece is 7-14 she will fit in the clothes at abercrombie, which is a store marketed to kids those age with more appropriate outfits for their age group.

Aside from that, the policy is clearly stated on a gift card.

Also, I don't even think WalMart returns gift cards, so don't hate a company because of a corporation standard.

Sorry if that sounded nasty, I really didn't mean it to I just thought I would clear up the confusion because they should've pointed you to the back of the card which wasn't mentioned in your post.

I just found this from a google search and I thought I would comment back because this happened to my manager and the lady was being really nasty to her and there isn't even anything managers can do, the computers physically don't let you return gift cards.

Worse comes to worse give it to another family member or sell it like other people have mentioned.

Just me. said...

I shop at abercrombie... and I recently started working there. It isnt that bad. I am not rich but 19 dollars for a shirt isn.t bad. And ALL of the shirts are not X rated.. and if your child can't handle the clothes in the store... there is always abercrombie kids... I like the clothes I think they are cute and trendy and no different from anyother stores. I am black.. Iam from the "ghetto" and I never felt abercrombie was for the elite class.

A good question though... said...

This one is for Mikey Moose.

My grandparents bought me $160 in A&F gift card for christmas. I had never shopped there before (being more of a fossil girl myself.) So I used the gift cards on the internet, but unfortunately $160 does not buy that much at A&F.
I spent an additional $244 on my credit card. A pair of pants did not look right so I mailed it back to your company.
I just received an email back and they returned the $80 pants to the gift cards instead of my credit card.
Any other company (even Walmart) is smart enough to return the items to what the customer paid first - then the gift cards.

Anonymous said...

I go to abercombie and fitch all of the time, I think it is great. It does not matter how expensive the clothes are because it isn't wallmart or something cheap. This article is very biased to the store and I am confident that there can be different stories towards this. One day your kid(s) will probably want to wear their clothes simply because many teens do. Most of their shirts are fine and look very nice.(Not all clothes have to be fancy).