All I Want For Christmas Is A New Liver...

We've been busy... It took me almost 4 days to drink all of the beers to make my Christmas tree this year. It usually only takes me 2 days. That is what I get for wanting to make the tree a 10 footer instead of the usual 7.

You should have been here when the police showed up and make my husband take down his outdoor light display all because our Home Owner's Association said it was not of "holiday" spirit. Hell, we are Irish Catholics, I don't know what "holiday" spirit is, but I do know what Christmas spirit is. I asked Father O'Malley when he was at my house helping us drink these kegs. If "holiday" spirit does not involve kegs, twinkle lights and drunken Santa Clauses... well then I don't want any part of it!

I promise there will be a post of more substance tomorrow... I have quite a story to tell you about me, a mirror, a pair of spanks lycra undergarments, and my husband watching in stunned silence. It is a doozy.
*The above photos are not mine... I would give credit where credit is due, but I don't know who these photos belong to. If I did, well I would want to be their friend.


Owens Family Adventures said...

AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The other night we were at a party where I had one or seven cosmos..when asked how I could drink like that and not fall over I explained the whole..... I'm Irish Scottish and German. My ancestors woke up the next morning and applauded when I bounded out of bed for some breakfast.
You made me laugh tonight!!
p.s....just a disclaimer..I don't usually have 1-7 cosmos but when you are at a Christmas party what cha' gonna do???!

Momto5Minnies said...

Well, I am glad the keg tree was put in the backyard instead of the front. I can see how the homeowners association would not approve of that ;)

Merry Christmas and Happy EVERYTHING!

Anonymous said...

I raise my glass of wine to ya!
Merry Christmas to all!
Aunt Barbara

Anonymous said...

Pax Christi mama, and if that doesn't work might I suggest a nice zinfandel? Merry Christmas!

sodaboy said...

"Owner's Association said it was not of "holiday" spirit."

spirit: (spiritus): an essence or extract that can be prepared from another substance as by distillation. If not specified, spirits refer to alcohol (ethanol).

i don't see their problem

MKHKK said...

Now I know you had a Merry Christmas! LOL

Lori in PHX said...

Here's an Advent Calendar for you, for next year, even though it says "Lutheran..." Funny, I don't make the connection, but I want one of these!