I am sooo winning the best mom award this year-and this time I am not saying that becaue I have smashed my child's finger in a car door or dropped a jar of pickles on my child's big toe... no, this time I MEAN IT!

I have been on a driven search for a Wii for weeks now. I have made hundreds of phone calls, tried to bribe many a backroom stock boy and have spent thousands in gasoline driving from one store to the next. I have even gotten up at the crack of dawn and stood in line in the freezing cold for hours only to miss getting one by 3 measly people. Oh, OK, I did not stand in line in the cold for hours... but I did watch my husband stand in line for hours as I sat in the warm car sipping my hot chocolate and clipping coupons.

Anyway... Today the Heavens parted and Christ Himself looked down at me and said "Wii (meaning Him, God and the Holy Ghost) would like to play."

I was at JC Penny getting a birthday present for my daughter. While there I decided to buy them some clothes because JC Penny has good clothes for kids. Not too "hoochie mama" for the girls and not too "gangsta" for the boys. After I did that I saw a under the counter CD player on sale, which I bought and have decided to wrap and put it under the tree for myself from my husband. He always gets me just what I want that way. After JC Penny I wandered around the mall. I looked at watches for my husband and bought a t-ball set for my nephew.

Now you may be saying "Oh for the love of Pete! Just get on with the story about the Wii would you!"

I just wanted to make you wait... the way I waited patiently and when you wait patiently good things seem to just land smack dab in your lap.

As I am walking through the mall I turn to my right and notice that there is a Game Stop there. This is not my usual mall so I am not familiar with where the stores are and I do not know where the restrooms or food court is. Thank God for directories. Who ever thought of putting directories in the mall is one smart man-although, it was probably a woman because we all know how men are with asking for directions so to think they would even look at a directory to find out where the Fredrick's of Hollywood store is to buy their wife a present that she will HATE is beyond them. Do they even have Fredrick's of Hollywood stores anymore? Hmmm-interesting.

Where was I? Oh, so I saw a Game Stop and thought to myself "Wouldn't it be funny if I walked in and they actually had a Wii sitting there?" So I walk in and see 2 boxes of Wii systems on the wall. This is what ensued:

Me: "Are those actual systems or just the boxes?"
GameStop Man: "Those are just boxes."
Me: "Oh, I figured. This is a silly question, and I am sure you are asked it all of the time, and you are probably sick and tired of hearing it, but I have got to ask...do you have any Wii systems?"
GameStop Man: "I just opened this box that was shipped to us 5 minutes ago. We have 3 of them."
GameStop Man:
GameStop Man:
Me: "I think I may just have to marry you!"
GameStop Man: "I want a pre-nup"
Me: "Well all I have to offer will be this Wii after I buy it."

After handing over my debit card-

GameStop Man: "Can I see ID? I want to make sure you are not an escaped prisoner" (Those GameStop Men are so witty with their X-box humor and their band-aids on their fingers,)
Me: "I am an escaped prisoner from my home. You don't know how many kids I have and what it takes to get out of the house away from them. Don't tell anyone you saw me here. They'll find me."
GameStop Man: "So you're a criminal?"
Me: (standing there with my baby in her baby Bjorn) "Uhhh, Yes, why do you think I have this baby strapped to me? Hand over the Wii and no one will get hurt."

So there you have it. The eagle has landed. The chicken is in the pot. John has a long moustache. The chair is against the wall...

Santa is sooo not taking credit for this one. Sorry big guy.


Jennifer said...

Wooo! Go you for finding a Wii! Hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do over here!

southernjoy said...

Congratulations on your big score!

Christine said...

We bought ours in October, because the lady at our tiny little Wal Mart said that it would be like this once holiday shopping started.

There were three at the store. We considered buying them all and ebaying them for extra cash when the rush hit. Yet, we decided that wouldn't be very neighborly.

Marva said...


Congrats & welcome to the "We Have Wii Club!" Don't you feel as if you've accomplished the impossible? Christmas can go on now as planned!

Cris said...

Marva... you don't know how many times I said "But Marva found one!" in my search.

So glad to be part of the club~

We should get together and go out to dinner this Christmas season. I know of a great little place in Occoquan. Soup and Mize will hate it, but we will enjoy it.

Devin said...

Wow...even MY kids will vote for you this year. I'm a little bummed.

Sagey said...
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Sagey said...

I know you have been up all night waiting for this comment... but didn't I tell you to try Game Stop? :-) Enjoy your Wii and the joy of the children on Christmas morning!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Wii scored one yesterday too!
Mikey's connections came through. I couldn't help laughing when you said you bought the under counter CD player at JC Penneys. I went and got one there the day after Thanksgiving. Probably the exact same one! You haven't bought any new furniture I need to know about do you?
Love ya.

John from Grand Haven, MI said...

the rooster crows at midnight!

Ric said...

Santa was initially going to give my 3 kids a Wii last year, but after staying out all night after Thanksgiving to get one, there was no way I wasn't going to get the credit as Dad of the year.

Goodnight, Mom said...

My sister found one at GameStop, too. I've shared your story.