Surprise! You Get A Dirty Bra For Christmas!!!

Emma is really in the Christmas mode this year. Her favorite thing to do is wrap presents. She has been wrapping just about everything we own for the past few nights now. It all started with her helping me wrap the gifts for the Tag Tree at Church. She then moved on to wrapping some of her books that she no longer wants because they are "boring" and "baby books" so she has wrapped them for Mary Claire and put them under the tree. Next she started wrapping old Happy Meal toys. She does not want them anymore so she is giving them to Mary Claire and they are beautifully adorned with bows and stickers and placed under the tree. Last night she wrapped 5 of her Barbie dolls... they were all naked, but at least now they have bells on their knockers and a bow on their anatomical plastic butt. The Barbies are under the tree now as well. My beautiful tree is starting to look like a garage sale is happening under it. It reminds me of someone putting clean pants on over dirty underwear. It just ain't right.

All of this is very sweet, except for the fact that she is going through scotch tape at an alarming rate. My children love scotch tape and I usually have to hide it around here or it will be found and confiscated by some kid with dirty hands and a runny nose because they need to tape a rocket together or put up a poster of the High School Musical cast on their newly painted bedroom walls. Yes, scotch tape to my children is like crack cocaine to an addict. It is too tempting and they would sell their baby sister to get a hold of some.

This morning I decided to make some eggs for the family. I looked everywhere for my favorite spatula. I finally found it wrapped under the tree. In my search for the spatula I also found a dozen eggs, my hairspray, dog food, a bra belonging to my oldest daughter, my son's Tag Body Spray, some of my husband's socks and a can of tomato soup all wrapped by the resident 4 year old and placed under the tree.

This is going to be one interesting Christmas morning... Lord help us all.


Mama DB said...

Oh dear. Besides the eggs and any other perishables and of course all of the scotch tape usage, that's pretty awesome. At least you have a place to most likely find the stuff - first stop -Christmas Tree! Oh I laughed.

My two have taken to packing all sorts of crap into boxes, bags, Dora backpacks, Kleenex boxes and any other container they can get their mits on. I went to put on my Ugg boots yesterday and dumped out all of my daughter's hairbands, a pair of socks, various coins, a fork and my toothbrush!!!! Blek!

Anonymous said...

hi- freaking---larious. We homeschool, too. catholic-- check. rabid milsupporter... oh and my 3 yr old peed in a cup and threw it at his brothers in retribution for some still yet to be determined act...I think I am going to have to come back here...

Beth said...

"It reminds me of someone putting clean pants on over dirty underwear. It just ain't right."
This is so true!

My 3 year old is obsessed with tape also. She uses it as doll band-aids mostly. Children are strange...at least mine are anyway!

Pong Wife said...

My oldest was into scotch tape starting at around 4. Consequently we have hidden it all and my youngest doesn't know what it is. :-) I need to remember to hide it again when I am done wrapping all our gifts.

Good luck making it through all those special gifts under the tree! :-)

MomTo4KidsNY said...

Well she has the idea. Sorry about the eggs!
I too have to hide the tape around here oh and the glue!!
Not to long ago my 2 yr old got a hold of both the glue and the tape. He glued his potty chair and then taped it. His way of telling me he does not want to potty train.
It sure is crack for the kids!
And now you know when something is missing to look under the tree!

Tony said...

Me and the Wife had a good laugh, we don't miss those years.

Tony's Daily Blog

Kasia said...

At least she hasn't discovered Wite-Out yet. My brother and his buddy painted more things with Wite-Out (including the back end of his mom's station wagon and the piano teacher's dining room table legs)...

Count your blessings. ;-p