"A" For Effort...

I have been getting quite a few emails lately asking me about my homeschooling so I thought I would do a post on just that... homeschooling, or as I like to sometimes call it, sticking a hot poker in my eye on a daily basis.

Oh, Just kidding... don't get yourselves in such a tizzy.

I use a mish-mosh of curriculum. Some years I favor Mother Of Divine Grace, others I veer toward Seton, and sometimes I throw in the towel completely and go for the hard stuff... The Jack Daniels curriculum.

This year I have fallen back in love with Mother of Divine Grace. There is a lot of reading, which means my children are forced to be quiet and not bother me so much. We use Saxon Math which I love because not only am I teaching my children math, but I am re-teaching myself all of the things I didn't learn when I was in school because I was too busy writing notes and gazing lovingly at Ryan Grigson.

I am a big fan of English curriculum. My kids study the classics, and the not so classics like the Sunday comics. I have to pay close attention to their spelling as they are both horrible at spelling... but one day they will be allowed to type on a computer and just click that handy button at the top for spellcheck. Oh how we have grown lazy in our spelling. If I didn't use spell check, my posts would look something like this: I shat lsjdk slihgheien sltis heisl vodka!

We enjoy history in our house and this year is exciting with 7th Grade Greek and Roman History and 4th Grade US History. My son could probably write his own history curriculum, but I like to torture him so I make him follow mine--which in his mind is substandard to say the least.

Science is always fun-I obviously teach Christian science so there are no pictures of monkeys turning into Mr. Whipple around this place.

As for Art, Drama, and Music, I hire other people to teach them those subjects. Sarcasm is a daily teaching tool I use and humor is apparent when I try and speak Latin to them.

Basically I offer my children many opportunities for education. Whether it comes from a book or from climbing a tree in the backyard, they are growing in their knowledge of who they themselves are and who they want to become in life.

I can only hope and pray that I am doing all I can for my children. It keeps me awake for hours some nights wondering if I have offered them all that is needed to succeed in this world... but in the end, if I have taught my children virtues and the way to Heaven, well then I can feel pretty confident in the job I am doing.


Marsha said...

"I have taught my children virtues and the way to Heaven, well then I can feel pretty confident in the job I am doing"

With that they will go far! 8)

I enjoy your blog. 8)

Tom Sutcliff said...

I love your blog; your writing is hilarious and writing humor is not easy.

If you are interested in a resource to help fight the nonsense of Darwinism, check out http://www.evofraud.com.

In Christ,

Momto5Minnies said...

Thanks for sharing ;)

I know a few local ladies who LOVE MODG. I did meet her (Laura Berquist) at a conference this past Spring. For some reason I have chosen a totally eclectic mix of curriculum which has it's positives and negatives. I do think I made more work for myself.

One other ?????? Have you been homeschooling for a long time? This is my first year and I think we are still adjusting to a (different) life outside of traditional school.

Cris said...

Elaine, This is our 4th year homeschooling. It takes some time to adjust. I had a hard time leaving the "school" schedule behind. I used to think my kids HAD to be in front of a book for up to 6 hours a day, when really it is only a few hours... some days more, some days less. It took a while for me not to be so hard on myself.
Remember, the greatest teaching tool we can give to our children is the Eucharist.