Consumer Reports...

Women Beware! These are extremely dangerous cookies... I repeat, EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!

And I don't know who they think they are fooling when the suggested servings per container is 9! 9? You have GOT to be kidding me! 9! What a joke! I ate the entire thing by myself in one sitting. ONE!

Stupid little dough boy...


Anonymous said...


Kasia said...

Off the diet, eh June? ;-)

I don't blame you. I'd rather be fat and happy than look like a supermodel and only be able to eat twigs and drink diet water. :-p

chestertonian said...

Oh give me a hottie
with a pleasing, plump body,
We'll drink beer together
And laugh at the weather!

We'll roll and we'll giggle
We'll writhe and we'll wriggle
And when we get thirsty
Our beer will be frosty!

I don't want some ninny
Who's overly skinny
I like gals who make scones
And who aren't skin and bones!!


Anonymous said...

As a mother of two and grandmother of 5, I very much enjoy your site for the nostalgia of it! I also enjoy the music... but what is it? I am an old lady and don't recognize it... but I like it.


Cris said...

Annon Grandma-it is Collective Soul's "Better Now"

Sean, I like the poem, but I would prefer to be a supermodel.

Kasia-of course I am still on my DIEt... I just fell off the twigs and berries wagon.

Biddy said...

i've always wondered who decides on the serving sizes...

i shall contemplate that on my late night run to the grocery store...

sheesh, thanks!

mamaDB said...

I don't think I'd even be able to get them from the packaging to the oven to cook them. I'd probably just sit and eat the dough in the car on the way home from the store. Sad but true. :)

chestertonian said...

Sean, I like the poem, but I would prefer to be a supermodel.

Thanks, Cris!

Krystle said...

Thanks for the warning... Now I'm going to have to try them. ::sigh::

So much for my diet this week.


Mandy said...

Ha, I had a similar experience the first time I tried these last week. They are FANTASTIC! I also really love the new chocolate chip oatmeal throw-in-the-oven-pretend-you-cooked-them ready to bake cookies. =) What can I say.. I had a coupon. YUM!