Ahhh, Childhood Memories...

A few years ago my friend Lisa was telling me about a time that she went to the Dermatologist. She was having a mole removed or looked at or something and when the Doc finished he had Lisa (who was just in her unders and bra) twirl for him so he could view the rest of her body moles. I thought this was the funniest thing I had ever heard. The thought of my dear friend in her personals twirling while a Doc sat and watched her just struck me as hilarious. We had many a good laugh on that thought-

Well, today I knew exactly how she felt.

I have a spot on my upper shoulder that was questionable and since I have gone to bat with skin cancer in the past, I quickly called my Doc for an appointment.

I had a dilemma though-what in the world do I do with all of these darn kids I have running around this house? Do I take them with me or do I just toss some raw meat on the kitchen floor and leave them to their own devices for the afternoon? Talk about a rock and a hard place.

I decided to load up the kids and take them with me. If anything, the sight of watching their mother have pieces of skin scraped off of her body may convince them to use sunscreen rather than run away screaming every time I pull it out of the beach bag.

My Doc is nice. I think he could use a few more baths, but he reminds me of Donald Sutherland and he enjoys my kids so I figure he is OK. He put on his big googly glasses and looked at my spot of concern, and then he started looking at my face, my arms, and legs... and then he asked me to twirl. So there I was twirling for a Doc just as poor Lisa was years before, only I was able to keep my clothes on (one of the reasons I brought my kids-no Doc was going to ask me to strip in front of my children-I am no dummy).

He found three more spots that he didn't like. Great.

In the end I had two spots frozen and two scraped off with a miniature ice cream scooper and sent off to the lab. My oldest could not bring herself to watch-she can't even watch someone brush their teeth so she knew she could not handle watching skin be burned to a crisp. My son thought it was fascinating and stood over the Doc's shoulder the entire time. He made a comment that some of the tools looked a lot like they were making me into the Bionic Woman. It is good to know I am a superhero. My 4 year old had a total look of concern on her face and held my hand and patted my knee the entire time. What a sweet child... at least I have one that loves me.

So these are the memories that I am making for my children. My mom, she just did things like take us to McDonald's or to the library... I take my children to the dermatologist! I am so cool.


chestertonian said...

I suppose for a man, the equivalent is letting your young sons watch you shave.

Hilary said...

Your kids sound wonderful. :) Just don't ever bring them along for the PAP. I hope everything turns out to be just fine for their mom.

Momto5Minnies said...

Interesting field trip.

I did a mole removal and check last year. It's tough being blonde, freckled, but beautiful ;)

Glad things are okay.