Ahhh, Young Love... It Cost So Damn Much

When Carl and I were first married I was a working woman. I had a yob. I had money honey. Not a lot... but it was money. Soon we became pregnant and Carl and I made the decision that I would stay home with our children.

About a year into that decision, Carl started questioning my spending habits. "Why did you spend $45 at Target? Do we really need to buy toys for the baby? How come you bought 3 pair of socks? The baby can only wear one pair at a time... just do more laundry. Diapers? What ever happened to cloth ones that you rinse out in the toilet and scrub by hand?"

Eventually I started to crave having my own money again... or rather money to contribute to the household. I thought it would help with Carl's budget worries if I got a j.o.b.

So I got a job at Target... I figured that I spent most of my time and money there, I may as well work there. I went through the training and came home with my schedule. I posted it on the fridge and said "See! I contribute! I matter! I can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan and never let you forget that you're a man!"

My first day I quit. I realized that I didn't want to leave my home with my child and go to work. I remembered the decision that my husband and I made and went to him and said "Listen Bubba... I ain't workin. Now go buy me some Bonbons so I can watch my stories on the television."

He said "You are right! I am so sorry I ever complained about money. You are the wisest woman in the world. Thank you for pointing out my weaknesses."

Not really, but if you remember, Carl cannot get my blog in the Middle Eastern country that he is in so he can't really dispute anything I say on here... so I am sticking to my story.

In the end I took over the checkbook and Carl stopped questioning why we had to buy diapers for our baby. And we all lived happily every after... The end.

You may be wondering why I am telling you this story. Well... my little sister has been married for two years now and she is getting tired of explaining to her husband that she does in fact NEED feminine hygiene products and NO, she is not going to use rags like our Grandmother did... so she has become a Avon Lady.

Avon Calling! So here is her web site. Go on it, support my sister and her Maxi Pad buying habits so she can feel a little power... so she can bring home a little bacon... so she can make money and look good doing it... so she can say "honey, do you need money? I have some and can spot you a 20 if you would like."


on-line shopping... I bet a smart woman thought of that!


Debbie said...

I remember the first years I didn't work and didn't feel like I deserved anything new for myself. I have gotten over that. I love Avon and will keep your sister's info handy for when I run out.

Kasia said...

Tell your sister to check her Avon e-mail!!!

And it was either a smart woman or a very smart married man...

Anonymous said...

Now you tell me - "she" didn't mention it to me...and I JUST found an Avon lady and ordered my deoderant, quanity 10. And that is the only thing I still order. I feel like I have let her down!
I remember being there too, I got a job nights in a ...liquor store. I quit as soon as the bride's maid dress for my best friends wedding was paid.
I'm just saying!
June's MA

Kasia said...

Don't worry, June's Ma, I bought mineral make-up from her. Hopefully that will buy her a pack of maxi pads... ;-)

Heidi said...

Hahahahaha! You make me laugh, I love people that make me laugh...

Lisa said...

That's hilarious - yet so true. I remember writing a check for Mary Kay products (once - after that I paid cash) and my dh saw it and said, "Is this a lifetime supply?" - dead serious of course. I do the checkbook too and that's alright with me. Also, I've found that those home office shredders come in mighty handy (lol).

eulogos said...

PS Your sister doesn't need to use rags, but you really can use cloth diapers for your baby, honest.
People had babies and diapered them for many years before Pampers were invented. If you are at home and have a washer and dryer, you do not have to buy those expensive plastic and paper things. You buy six dozen prefolded cloth diapers and some plastic pants. Or, a little more expensive, you can buy wool "Biobottoms" diaper covers.
Then you don't have to buy anything else except laundry detergent, and perhaps a small increase in your bill to heat hot water and run the dryer. It isn't even comparable to the cost of disposables.

I did it even when I had two in diapers and had to take the diaper pail down the rickty wooden outside stairs to our apartment, push it in an old grocery cart through a little path through the woods to the parking lot of the shopping center where the laundromate was...every day. I did it when I had to have the non prefolded ones because I didn't have a dryer and had to hang them on the line. I did it when I had to heat hot water on the wood stove to dump into the washing machine to wash them.

By the way, your blog is interesting and funny. I just have a thing about people thinking they need to buy those expensive paper diapers as if they were an automatic necessity that goes with a baby.
Susan Peterson. (mother of nine)

june cleaver said...
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