Before You Vote... Meet The Shoes

Everywhere I turn there seems to be so many pictures of Sarah Palin's shoes. It is like the main stream media has turned into Carrie Bradshaw and each time they see Sarah in a pair of fabulous shoes they say "Hello Lover."

I love google. I google things all day every day. I love my site meter even more. I love to see what people have googled that have sent them to my blog. Do you know what the highest google search that directs people to my blog is? Are you ready for this? It is "Does running cause hemorrhoids?" Seriously. I also get a lot of hits about "butt cysts" and "poo." For once I would like to be remembered for my intelligence, but I know you love me for my hemorrhoids.

Anyway, I started googling candidates and their shoes. "Sarah Palin Shoes" came up with there shots:

This one is from the Vice Presidential Debate. I like to call them her "No Place Like Home Shoes."

Here is a closer shot of them. Very nice. I think to be fair Joe should have been wearing 3 inch heels as well. It would have been the politically correct thing to do.

Here is another shot of some Sarah Palin shoes that the media thinks Americans need to see. Obviously all of the voters out there who put fashion above politics are sure to vote for her. I love the Republican Red she so confidently wears.

What in the world? Is this a view or what? The photographer that took this needs to go to confession.

Ignore the "Not for public use"on this photograph. This isn't public, this is a blog.
Here is Sarah Palin with John McCain. Couldn't you tell? This was the only shot the media took of the entire town hall rally they had.

Here is another photo by the photographer that needs to go to confession and say a 3 Hail Mary's and 1 Our Father. This is Sarah and Cindy McCain. I can tell it is Cindy by her blond hair and her humble confidence... can't you?
I found a ton of Sarah Palin shoe pictures, but I could only find this one pair of Obama's shoes.

No comment... Seriously. No comment.

These are the type of shoes that John McCain wears. Hoo-ah.
I could not find anything for Joe Biden... but I did find a pair or two for Hillary:

Is Bill thinking "Hillary? Did you borrow a pair of my mother's shoes again?" or is he thinking "I am so endorsing Obama." Do you see how these shoe photos can leave people just guessing?

This is another pair of Hillary shoes. She got them from her Native American friend "She-Who-Didn't-See-It-Coming"

Personally, If I were running for VP or President, I would wear these suckers. They are red, they are commanding, and they are fashion forward... and they definitely let the American public know where I stand on issues. Don't you think?
And just to let you know that I didn't spend the morning looking at politicians and their shoe choices, I googled something of great importance...

These are the shoes, or lack of shoes, that Matthew McConaughey rolls with. Alright alright alright.


Emily K said...

You seriously make my day! Keep it up!
Fellow Nebraskan,

Lanxi said...

Thank you for a great start to an overcast day! Now that I have done the important things, I can get my kids learning their math.

By the way, I appreciate that you spent all that time on google so that I wouldn't have to!

Teri said...

Great post!
And that photog for SURE needs to go to confession. :)

Rob said...

"Does running cause hemorrhoids?" That would be no. At least in this running dorks experience.

Not much into shoes that aren't running shoes, but I like the red Dorothy looking ones.

Kasia said...

Bless me, June, for I have sinned against fashion. I only have two pairs of shoes that are more Sarah Palin than Hillary Clinton, and I almost never wear them because they kill my feet.

I am hopelessly practical about shoes. Sure, I'd like them to be both comfortable and pretty, but if it comes down to a choice, I'm picking comfort every time.

Yes, I have been mistaken for a nun. That is probably a big reason why I think nuns should all wear habits...

mamamayerle said...

Awwsome post! You are a joy to read, both intelligent and funny.

Stupid Fat Hobbit said...

I KNEW you would get Matthew into a post very soon; what's it been 7 or 8 hours since you wrote about him. Just for the record, I found your blog by googling "how to fold a fitted sheet" but then again, I'm dumb that way.
I love, love, love the boots and think Sarah should get a pair. Also, does the picture of Obama on the side of the tennis shoes remind you of those old WWII dictator posters?

Kasia said...

And use Goodsearch, not Google!!

AGSoccerMom said...

too funny, suprised Matthew isn't wearing his flip flops.

Kasia said...


annemcd said...

Seriously, the last pair of heels I fell in love with and bought, I said to myself, "I bet Sarah would wear these!"

She rocks!

Lela said...

Thanks for taking the edge off of all of the seriousness that seems to be hanging around everywhere lately. I hope it rubs off on me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Now I have something nice to say about Sarah. That ding-bat has really nice shoes.

Love your blog. Also love Matthew.

Anonymous said...

You're a hoot!

Amanda said...

Well done, June Cleaver. Well done. :)

Urban Mom said...

I HAVE to go shopping.

Fun, fun, fun post!!!

Anonymous said...


You need to go delete a comment on your "Imagine waking up in the morning" post. Some know-it-all Democrat was here:(

june cleaver said...

Anon... I saw it and it will stay, if only to show the other side. America is so great because we allow others to have different opinions than ourselves.

I thought is also showed a good divide between dems and repubs... the way we go about things.

Hopefully you can understand my view and agree that that comment really needs to stay. *wink*


Becky said...

Ha! I really enjoyed this, but thought I should give you this because when I read it (before your blog) I thought, "Her shoes must have been really hideous."

Town Hall Meeting

Lori said...

Just saw a story this afternoon about Sarah Palin's shoes on Fox News...ahead of the curve again, June!

Anonymous said...

Fox News must be reading June's blog for human interest items.
Hee Hee!
Great blog.
Aunt Barbara

TinaGirl said...

This makes me love Sarah more, hate Hilary and Bill more and LOVE Matthew to high heaven (and I don't even like feet unless they have shoes on them... or they are attached to a man like that).

David L Alexander said...

"This one is from the Vice Presidential Debate. I like to call them her 'No Place Like Home Shoes.'"

Time magazine recently did a piece called "'Tis the Season of Six-Inch Stilettos." The ones Sarah wore at the Convention were a pair of Naughty Monkey Double Dare pumps.

Yeah. "Naughty Monkey." You read that right. I believe it was ZZTop who said it best: "She's got legs, she knows how to use them..."

amy said...

Hi From Michigan!

You totally made my morning! We were discussing the peep toe shoes here at work recently. I'm adding your blog to my Google Reader!!